Aug 23, 2001 -   Muck

Iomene: Hello Muck! How are you feeling this Thursday?
Muck: Sucky.
Iomene: Thatís not nice to hear. Anyway, I hope I will cheer you up some with this interview. Do you wish to share with us which or perhaps a few of the characters you play here on MUME?
Muck: Nah.
Iomene: Ok, fine. Do you know which char that was your first to mume and when it was created?
Muck: Donít remember his name but it was a long time ago.
Iomene: Did you reach legend level or so?
Muck: Nah, but 17 or so.
Iomene: Who of your characters is your favourite? Muck?
Muck: Nah, my orc warrior.
Iomene: Aha, I think I know who that is. :P How did you get in contact with MUME for the first time?
Muck: An RL friend of mine introduced me.
Iomene: Who does he play?
Muck: He doesnít play anymore.
Iomene: Did you start pking as soon as you got high level enough, or did you stick to xping at the beginning?
Muck: Well, my first hero was an orc so of course I started pk as soon as possible.
Iomene: Oh, just like me then, perhaps you died lots just like me too?
Muck: Yeah, of course, died lots.
Iomene: You think it's worth playing risky? No pain, no gain, or?
Muck: Yes, indeed. No gain, no fun.
Iomene: Do you have any favourite zone you pk within? Do you like closed areas or open fights?
Muck: I like both.
Iomene: How many % of the time do you spend pk/xp/smobbing?
Muck: Hmm, letís see, Iíd say 90/5/5.
Iomene: Another hardcore pker then. How do you like the MUME managemend and staff, is there anyone youíd like to give a special credit?
Muck: I wanna credit Gusse!
Iomene: Gusse?
Muck: Yes, Gusse, donít change that!
Iomene: I wonít change it if you tell me what it means!
Muck: Gusse is Dain.
Iomene: How do you like the new flee system? Me myself have had some nice and nasty experienced from it already.
Muck: I canít really say. I havenít been playing very much lately, only a few times since it was imped.
Iomene: Ok, is there any features/changes you think are very good/bad? Is there anything that is way overpowered, pukestaffs perhaps? * wink *
Muck: Iíd say almost all the changes since MUME 6 have been bad, except stathunting, and pukestaffs were overpowered in MUME 6 too. : )
Iomene: The changes have been to improve roleplaying, you don't think that's a big part of what mume is about?
Muck: For some people, it may be so, but not for me. I almost donít know anyone who rp anymore.
Iomene: Do you have any special advice for newbies to MUME?
Muck: Yes. Die and learn.
Iomene: Was the forbidding of actionhunting in your opinion a plus or minus?
Muck: Do you really have to ask that? Iíd say a plus definitely.
Iomene: Ok, What do you think MUME looks like in 5 years?
Muck: Shrug. I donít even wanna know. I donít even wanna play this game then.
Iomene: Do you think supermobs are hard enough for the eq they give?
Muck: These days when there is so much legend eq around, it should be harder to kill smobs to reduce the amount of legend equipment.
Iomene: What do you think is the reason for there being so much good eq around?
Muck: Well, people spamkill mobs.
Iomene: And DT less?
Muck: Not necessarily, but they smob more.
Iomene: Do you usually get your eq by pking?
Muck: I PK for the fun of it.
Iomene: And then if thereís some extra eq I guess you donít see it as a bad thing.
Muck: No, of course not.
Iomene: Does having good gear matter as much or more than it did when you were new to MUME?
Muck: When I started, good eq was nothing. Everybody was running around in just basic sets.
Iomene: What have changed then? The people or the importance of good equip?
Muck: Nowadays your opponents have better eq, so therefor you need the same to be able to beat them. It depends from char to char though.
Iomene: What about poison, do you think it's overpowered or simply a good way to kill people?
Muck: In my humble opinion it was ok the way it was when you could poison hammers etc.
Iomene: Ok, at last, do you have any last famous words?
Muck: Nah, not really
Iomene: Come on, your last chance to humiliate someone!
Muck: Nah.
Iomene: Ok, thank you then for letting me interview you. Bye.
Muck: Ok, nod. Bye.
Editors Note: Muck the Menace, Maniac of Athel-Loren is a level fifty-five Noldorin Priest. Muck was Approximately created 18 Apr 1998.

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