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In tribute to players, who have moved on to other things. 

The Standard of Womanhood
Convincingly had everyone believing he was RL female for years. Great person whether you knew him as a her or as him, always willing to group with anyone and friend to many. Left MUME for marriage and children.



1991 - 1995
Oh Mournblade, how I miss thee. If it wasn't for your vindictive nature or your willingness to fight even in the most dire situations, I wouldn't be the thief I am today in Mume. I proudly announce Mournblade as the one and only TRUE assassin-for-hire. I clearly remember many days I asked Mourn to deal with certain players I needed assassinated and, to this day, I will refuse to give anyone the details due to preserving my oath to his servitude.


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Of Glorfindels Crew
I dont know if anyone remembers Nick, an elf with title of Glorfindel's crew, around level 22. He pretty much got me into Mume, was the first to lead me around, xp me, help me out etc. Sucks that it was remade to Dwarf. I used to think his title was one that you had to choose from a select number of 'titles' and I was excited at the possibility of having a 'of Glorfindels crew' title. Just one of those players that stays with you because they introduced you to MUME pretty much.


Has left the building
Well, not so much to discuss. He is the best ever, during the time I have played myself. As a newbie I used to die over and over again as I was playing puke. Really would be awesome to have him back for a while. Not to forget, he was the first to reach Level 100! A Hall of Fame of mume characters shouldn't exist, if Norsu ain't on it. - Moortek

Norsu was the guy who we all feared, even the great western warlords shivered when he and his pack were poisoning people all over Arda, sometimes he actually managed to die, but still being first level 100 and one of the most feared orc will bring him tribute from me. Now i think he has rl! - Grindon

Moortek and Grindon 

The Storyteller
? - 2001
The funniest player I've ever talked with. Was big into roleplay. Left to create his own mud which didn't work out, but he still never came back. - Nazgum.

A great guy, funny player never took anything TOO seriously, moved to a new state and a new job, family duties and MUME faded away... - Vaire

Nazgum and Vaire 

Balrog Leader
1991 - 1999
Also known as Var or Nahar - one of the greatest American players and war leaders.

Ex-labbie of Slayer, while he stayed in America. His brother and he left to play Everquest and AFAIK they are still stuck there.

A great person and someone I probably will miss most in mume - for now and for what will come.



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