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In tribute to players, who have moved on to other things. 

The Despised
1994 - 2001
One of the best!

Mainly solo, he used roam Arda. Most of his chars are secret and when he played, he usually went straight to the top of warlords.

Left to play Everquest and currently Dark Ages of Camelot.


The Dark Caress
1996 - 1999
He introduced me to MUME, and when he did he was a big bad ass, renowned orc. He inspired me alot and it was all of his stories that kept me going. A great player, who added 10 new pks to his train each time one whoissed him.


Just another hobbit mage
1993 - 1997
This little guy would run around all of Arda with nothing but a lantern and a pair of pants (and often some really strange charmies). He smiled and talked to his charmies while being a feared enemy, frequently going on naked solo-raids of Warrens. I think he's probably the one person with the longest Elbereth listing ever (50 years iRL?). Weird, odd, crazy, and very cute.


the Hated
1999 - 2001
Probably the most famous same-sider NOC had ever known. Certainly the most hated, even though he could often be a nice guy under it all if you got to know him... he was still an evil bastard.

Someone said he finally grew up and started living real life right...I hope it's true :)


The Lost Chieftain
? - 1998
i'd like to submit Hanse for spamleading me and rl friends newbies around arda. He walked fnost/bree/tbad/eregion/abr/rivy/warrens/bree again and we were so thrilled, we didnt even know such huge amounts of xp existed.


The Shopkeeper
1995 - 1999
What made him special was his shop.
It was made with zMUD and automated via triggers. If you brought him legend equipment, he would receipt it, and you received credit in his shop. Each item had a different credit value. For example, when You died, You could purchase some eq for the credits you had earned. It worked really well, but suddenly management decided, that it was BANKING, and his shop was banned and he never forgave it to MUME.



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