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In tribute to players, who have moved on to other things. 

The Tarkhnarb Veteran
1991 - 1999
The coolest rp orc, used to talk about his barehanded adventures to bree, slowly quit showing up.

Gone for good now. Maybe the oldest orc character.


First Group
1997 - ?
Very first guy I ever grouped with was a dude named Beer the Dwarf. I have no idea who else he played or what else he did in Mume, but he sure was nice to me for a couple days back in early 97 when I started. One of the reasons I stuck to this game was because of him leading me around showing me the ropes. He was also a good roleplayer. I know this isn't a player that anyone will remember, but he made a big impact on me.


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Fearsome Troll and Incredible Friend
Began Playing 1996 - Died 2006
'I just remember Bodycast as being the one who would actually make you laugh out loud with some of the jokes he would make. He seemed to enjoy the game more than anyone else I knew. I know that I will miss him, and I'm sure that anyone else who remembers playing with him will as well.' - Chauncey

The ElvenRunes Community 

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Leader of the Pack
Cavalier (aka Tony) was one of the first level 20 orcs. He was a cunning player who seemed to love a challenge (and often died charging against overwhelming odds). He killed the original Var (solo) with his thief just to prove that Var wasn't invincible. He had tons of characters including Crackle, Balance, Eyes, Shrew, and Cursed (first legend troll?).


The Crazed
? - 1998
Daum was certainly a very colourful player. People have many stories to tell of this deviated finn! At PK level he was elite, always on warlords, often on top (when the list actually counted). His downfall was, that he couldnt take death very well, completely made him berserk. I personally liked the dude for his crazyness. He quit MUME and the next time he logged back on as immo once, he was a completely new person, ZEN!


The Arch Illusionist
? - 2000
Creator of

And thus, he probably prepared a new era of MUME log sites.

He used to post cool logs and finally left for Everquest.



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