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Player Tribute: Gangee tributes

2002/07/07 15:59, Vaire: 
One of the most interesting characters I ever met on Arda... despite his penchant for mass mobile murder :) No matter what he was doing, he was always entertaining :)

2002/07/10 15:00, Steele: 
His style will always remain true to my heart. He always impressed me. His smile always gave him away.

2002/07/16 16:58, Lehto:   
I remember his raiding bree with his queen bees several times for exp. Really nice guy.

2002/07/17 01:52, Dos: 
The most rad thing this guy did was fill darkies trophies with 10-20 copies of himself.

2002/08/23 10:19, Squiffy: 
Gig Dos, I liked this guy. Was the first person to sit and chat to me for no other reason than to be social. I was a lowbie resting on a road in the Shire. He introduced me to smoking! (My mother would be annoyed)

2002/09/03 13:06, Rza:   
the most fun i've had on mume was with Gangee

2003/06/06 04:15, Hobit: 
I remember being charmed by him in fornost and buffed guards while he nuked them. and he never let me die.. yea that was while I was afk. me and him also started the Army of Darkness, Gangee, Saddam(ailwon), old scrape, gorfax, blight, few others I can't remember really. but we would clear bree, fornost, Blue Mountains, and we even tried to wack cirdan.. it didn't work out to well. he truly was a great player

2007/02/09 15:26, Bungo: 
And he was like 11-12 years old when he started.

2008/03/19 22:51, Tookien:   

I remember him as well... 10+ more years after he passed on it seems.
He horrified me for clearing out BM solo... But he let me live when I tried to defend my king with my first ever char on mume ;)

2009/06/13 10:36, Gorbadoc:   
The stoors are proud to have such a legendary figure as Gangee as one of their own! Yes, he might have been a troubled character with questionable motives, but none of us are perfect, right?

- Gorbadoc 'Broadbelt' Brandybuck


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