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2002/07/07 23:19, Dragor: 
Notable to mention he was the first to come up with log site that allowed others to post their own logs and comment on them. Site wasn't up long but it was better than

2002/07/08 23:22, Amandil: 
Notable to mention is also that he didn't quit but was scrambled and later deleted. The look in his eyes when I met him rl after that was never quite the same in a year's time (and this is, my guessing only, why m-net didn't live long).

2002/10/22 23:57, Durcano: 
if im not wrong - he is still playing.
a sec ... doin quick whois -

one of his chars: Last login 1 month and 13 days ago from *.com
another: Last login 1 month and 17 days ago from *.com


but sure he was and has been fun to play :)


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