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Player Tribute: Tukaar tributes

2002/07/08 00:07, Meliza: 
Tukaar was one of the few I actually LIKED to exp with as newbie =P

2003/10/28 18:55, Trample: 
Hmm...I remember Tukaar from way back when orcs could locate and port . He was part of the Flying Legion or something..with Flotten...and others...Anyway, I rememer Tukaar porting in on my puke (way back when I played pukes!) and fballing him to death.. Tukaar and Flotten got really good at that...was SCARY!

2003/10/29 03:37, Trample: 
DOH!!!!!! I just realized I got TUKAAR confused with HARKZ. Harkz was the fballing/porting orc (though maybe Tukaar did back then too) that I was talking about :< Tukaar really rocks tho!!!!


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