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Player Tribute: Snarf tributes

2002/07/04 16:01, Gothmog:   

2002/07/05 07:25, Enforcer: 
if im not very much off base, i think Snarf was also Ineluki, and a few other chars. So he had to play late than 94, cos i started at 96. And ive played with him. So I would think he stopped at 96-97??

2002/07/05 11:04, Maedhros: 
Snarf was not the most powerful orc in toe-to-toe (I felt Dreadnaught was harder), but the player sure knew how to use the character. Once he had locked onto your scent, he was hard to shake. One particulalry feeble death was when my PC came across Snarf at Spirit castle off RtF in 93/94.

Along with Snarf, George was one of the major causes for Sauron's list because when he started levelling mages and then wiping out legends he was a real threat to the whitie order. Names like Isaldren(?) and Dana(used to be good) come to mind.

2002/07/11 17:48, Mouser:   
As a young hobbit newbie learning the ropes, Snarf was the one name that put fear into your hearts and you made damn sure you were inside at night (even then that didnt always save your butt)

2003/08/10 08:03, Morgrath:   
George is also the player of Dreadnaught and Belal (Dreadnaught was given to him though). Snarf was clearly not the strongest orc of his day (both Snarl and Dreadnaught were better pure warriors), however he was lightning quick and very cunning. It's a shame that Snarf was given away (and later was deleted) when George quite for a while. Truly one of the great players.

2003/10/28 18:52, Trample: 
This is not the same George who was Superdeathflame, is it? Hrmm

2005/08/11 19:17, Sarthe:   
'This is not the same George who was Superdeathflame, is it?'

Definetly not.

2008/06/15 12:02, Elaril: 
Everyone ran into cities when they heard his name. Great player! I had the pleasure of watching him pk with a level 12 mage and take down legends.


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