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Player Tribute: Drengist tributes

2002/07/02 21:02, Silwyth: 
I remember being so utterly frightened of this guy as a newbie!! I had more fear of him solo walking around than a group of 5 trolls. He was insanely fast, and would NEVER give up hunting you it seemed. Always fun to fight tho once I got a little more mume smarts tho i never killed him.

2002/07/02 22:02, Devastator: 
He was a real solo player, the most pure solo player I ever knew. He would not even talk much most of the time :) the times that I did talk to him, I have had fun. Too bad he's gone, I remember having fun fights with my eagle 1 vs 1 at old fnost :)

2002/07/03 01:12, Nazgum: 
I feel I should write a little blurb here since I notimated him.

Drengist was one of the truely mysterious and respected players of his time. I was probably one of the few players (only other one I can think of off the top of my head is deor) who grouped with him often. He was pretty humourous and liked telling jokes, although since he spoke to few people most saw him as cold or snobby or disliked him cause he killed their puke ;p

Some general information about him:
- had well over 20 legends, many of them constantly on the warlords list, sometimes had 2 or 3 chars on warlords list at once, dominated #1 warlord spot as Drengist for many months.
- received many votes for top player during the polls, though everyone voting for him probably only knew him as drengist.
- rarely grouped with or spoke to anyone, leaving little information for anyone to gather about him.
- almost always pk'd solo as warrior and excelled at it.
- most known for his pk skills

2002/07/03 02:35, Elistan:   
Everyone that has said something here, really brought out what p(Drengist) was. He was always reclusive... I remember when I played my orc, I insisted he talk to me. Eventually he came around. Sad to see him and so many others go. If he ever decides to come back, Jamie or someone please mail me to let me know.

2002/07/03 03:32, Alweon: 
Heh, I don't think he is coming back for a very long time, if ever. He logs on his ainur from time to time to check up on us freaks, but he is having too good of a time playing Dark Age of Chamelot!

I knew him pretty well too. We grouped and talked often, but I can see where the mystery that is Drengist came from. He rarely talked to anyone else. He is honestly, one of the more intelligent people I have met in life and our conversations are always great. I still talk to him on messenger from time to time so I will tell him his name is finally on the mume-walk-of-fame =p

2002/07/03 05:13, Enforcer: 
hmmm, Drengist and Elegil same player or not?...

2002/07/03 15:38, Steele: 

And Drengist really impressed me. I did actually group with him from time to time and the times I did I considered it to be an honor. To be honest, I felt I had to 'earn' his friendship since day 1. And that to me makes me miss him all the more.

2002/07/06 09:37, Fankil: 
Drengist is and was bad ass. I only knew him as Drengist, perhaps as some other chars too, but I didn't know they were Drengist himself. Always so quiet and ruthless, fast and correct.

I recall being out west with him once and telling him 'meet backyard' whereas I get no respond, but as I arrive at backyard, guess who's there? Drengist of course.

2002/07/06 12:06, Edvard: 
Drengist was the kind of guy you never heard anything about. Not a narrate or anything, you didnt even know he was logged on. Then, when you went bree/fornost, you could find him resting outside west gate fornost. Suddenly he stands up and leaves, as silently as he arrived.

2002/07/11 00:46, Timbaldron: 
He is scary and he was my first adventure.

2002/07/12 02:23, Sloshed:   
Although nazgum's memory sucks, i use to group with drengist daily for quite some time, we use to be real good friends at one point, and he was one if not the best pk'r of his time and he didn't use overkill or traps to do it, he just had an incredible reaction time and a feel for where to be and when to be there and seemed ot just know when to fight when not to when to storm when to walk away, he didn't try and get credit or fame, he didn't much care what anyone thought of him really, there wasn't very many of us that knew his chars he kept most to himself and he could warlord any char pretty much anytime he wanted to by skill alone, didn't need a lab or even a group really.

2002/07/21 17:37, Fredde: 
Drengist was one of the greatest. enough said!

2002/07/22 14:56, Vidomina: 
One of my worst enemies when playing Belemoth was his puke named Khanmano. I think he solokilled me 2-3 times. He always knew where i fled and was very fast after.

2002/09/17 17:00, Khwaj: 
A great player

2003/03/19 21:34, Ringmir: 
lets just say that he was one of the main reasons why i never learned much past neni during his time of dominance...

2003/06/26 16:51, Sardotjen:   
Wipe thoose tears already! The bitch is back!


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