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News 2599: News from Southern Mirkwood (Rogon) catchup  discussions

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2020/11/13 17:09, Draz:   
Cool so fun again! The race to merge the whelp was a close one, we were like 15-30 mins behind on the second one :)

2020/11/13 17:29, Rhaerys: 
Awesome. P(Carl) is a beast in that zone! Glad he was so friendly in leading this noob around.

Without giving spoilers, is there much left to discover for 'firsts'?

2020/11/13 17:48, Jahara:   
There is plenty left when it comes to discovering how to properly use the new gear to your advantage. The metagame has not fully shifted yet.

2020/11/13 18:08, Neamir: 
Congrats to everyone who contributed to this zone! An awesome game play experience that combines the best of MUME with all kinds of innovation. And hats off to Carl who was so generous with his leadership and help, while still preserving the mystery and adventure.

Looking forward to the next super zone!

2020/11/13 18:30, Draz:   
Yes, thank you to all the contributors. From what I've explored so far you really nailed it, the risk vs. the reward feels very meaningful. New items and skills were just so impactful to giving us some extra tools and toys!

2020/11/14 02:09, Carl: 
It was a lot of fun to explore the zone! Mume felt like a fresh new game. I still remember opening the dragon skeleton for the first time and fearing a dt would kill my group:) for the other players out there, explore it on your own without help. It will make the game a lot more fun!

2020/11/14 10:44, Elízalde:   
A few things I would like to comment on to those who created this new playground for us to romp around in. Cool area and I think I may even like this over the Emyn area, actually. So, thank you!

My favorites of this area (and sincere praise to who designed each specifically):

1. The gnarly tangle of vines = genius. Anything to help contain is great for PK, and you never know exactly which room they are lurking in.

2. By far the coolest 'item/loot/reason to go there even solo' IMO is the Easterling guarded Wagon in its entirety. There is nothing else in MUME like it, so that alone makes it neat. It gives every side of the war an opportunity to earn some gold, XP, and even get themselves or their pals some stuff they need. One can do it solo, in group, and just going there for it generates PK, and people can't resist the pouch. The pouch by FAR is the most critical item on this cart for me on any given character, which leads me to the next coolest thing IMO. (This is actually the 1st thing I tell people about when old MUME pals think about coming back and ask me how the new zone is and if it is busy with players etc.)

3. The herb shop for darkies. <3 Now I can spam loot your ginseng, puke bitches, and actually sell it instead of giving it to random mobs around their load spots so they wont spawn again. 8p

4. Black Steed (although I have no reason to use it on Eliz unless in a group, it is very cool and long overdue, and I will definitely use this on a different BN of mine).

5. Foxtail load spot <3 <3 <3 (OMG who did this and actually got Fror's approval?! <3 <3 <3)

6. 'Some' keys 8)

7. Zone layout (for pk reasons and slowing down the sprinters).

I would like to see the addition of the new gnarly vine to the forest on both sides of the Trail of Shadows for 'randomness'. Also, as everyone is aware or has figured out already: I completely despise the one way out near the barricade and think some aggro-to-all mob at least should be at the room you have to dismount in, but this will be my last tear shed over it, ok guys? Thx!

2020/11/14 11:17, Ares: 
2. Hmm weird, I havent seen a single useful or even gold worthy item besides gold bars in that wagon on the 3 times I have done it. So my impression has been that this is the least attractive addition to the zone. What pouch are you talking about?

If you remove the oneway out, you will instantly remove a lot of people that would explore the area and thus generate any pk at all.

2020/11/14 13:28, Elízalde:  edited 1x   
Ares - It is nice and easy for darkies to earn some gold, Zaugurz to cart(Zaugurz even get credit for herbs at the cart), and the fine metal boots are nice as they don't always load at other locations. It may not mean anything of value for a puke who already has shops everywhere, sure, but it has a lot of value for other sides of the war.

I like my herbs, and that pouch is quite the nice restocking of supplies for myself. The other herbs in the pouch I do not use, can all be sold at the herb shop there and ginseng alone for 4x is about 44g if I recall. It is nice if you need some quick gold or rent money, without having to carry around the typical metals to earn gold etc. It sounds like people use the powders from it too, but I just sell those as well.

As to the one way out, you may be right, but I don't think adding an aggressive mob to 'slow people down' at least would be such a bad idea. I am not being biased in this either, as I have escaped there awful 2x myself, once on Zintilden and once on Elizalde, and the enemies involved really earned that kill, but were robbed of it. 8) For darkies especially, there is no stopping them unless you are a troll during the day because the mobs are friendly if they are alive. That is exp, wps, possible loot that everyone misses out on IMO. It could be a level 5 mob that is just 'annoying' and hits to either slow someone down or cause them to flee in another direction.

2020/11/15 18:44, Belamir: 
I have very, very mixed feelings about the dusky robe. Very useful item, and I love using it, but holy F it adds some power to puke clerics - and they weren't exactly lacking.

2020/11/15 20:22, Neamir: 
Placing a rattlesnake 1w of the one-way sounds good to me.

2020/11/16 00:33, Gimilzagar:   
I cannot give enough praise for this zone. Everything is inverwoven so nicely. The only part I really wished for more action and purpose was in the caves below magus. And that there would be some real bosses down there. I'm still not over the fact that you cannot charm those bashing bloodsucking bats. It would've been glorious! And that pukes can wear magus robe is somewhat alarming with the already superior stats and spellpower and pracs they have compared to anything the dark side can achieve. The new items overall are amazing, rootring is still flawed as it crumbles in notime since every caster has quake, maybe it should give the ability to see if someone is casting a stored quake and you walk into the room thus increasing the chance to not lose durability on the ring? When presented with the choice between that item and a purple scroll, the choice is easy as it stands now.

2020/11/16 01:14, Zant:   
Regarding: First to break the slab: Zant

It was actually a collective effort with Zintilden. She was just momentarily in different room, when I pushed the boulder based on her clever idea to actually read the room descriptions...

2020/11/20 21:17, Ares: 
I have some gripes about the new area Smobs and items.

Lightning pendant: this item is stupid, the limited use huge boost item only benefits very experienced players who can afford to do consumables. As a limited use item it doesnt really add any meta to the game either besides to some hardcore pk'ers. Reduce its bonus and make it unlimited use so even casual players and newbies have eventually a chance to get and use this item.

Root ring: massive reduction to the earthquake damage. Another limited use experienced player item. Although besides the way too high damage reduction it seems fine-ish.

Druidess: way too badass for the items it loads. Almost no incentive for the whities to do her as the rewards from Dolion are inconsistent and relatively useless.

Drake treasury: Green metal is cool, but to get a full set of it, I recon you would have to kill the drake about 20x times. Thats bit stupid for basically fine metal set. Increase the green metal load chance.

BN commander: just make him load something useful for whities. He's as hard as smob but loads nothing at all for the risk of raiding that camp.

Otherwise good job, very nice zone :)

2020/11/20 23:39, Elizalde:   
If you are in this zone, expect PK. Whities should be hitting that camp regularly to clear out the traffic of BN's and Tarks that go here. In an RP NERD world, this too is a fabulous reason to slay the mighty BN commander and his camp! Cleaning up the forest etc...Am I right?!

Boo Hoo if pukes get no other 'prize'. I'm seeing Prist's notorious cry of 'FOR THE GLORY OF NUMENOR!'. (Yes, seeing it like an RP NERD does in fact! Psh...)

2020/11/20 23:40, Draz:   
I'm fairly glad the call lightning amulet is consumable but I agree with your point in general though :).

Dark doesn't have nearly as much stuff to do in general, I think it's ok this was balanced out a bit (considering it tends to be lower pop).

2020/11/21 22:43, Merarl: 
is there a new mm2 file for this zone? i'm lazy.

2020/11/22 10:51, Seade:   
Are all the 'firsts' done and found? Where's the update on that?

2020/11/22 12:58, Pilois:   
Yes, that was all the firsts we were tracking.

2020/11/22 13:25, Carl: 
Rogon posted all the firsts on the 1st page of this thread.

2020/11/22 14:36, Seade:   
hmm.. somehow i missed that post. thanks for pointing it out.

2020/11/22 22:50, Rhaerys: 
I've been making a mm2 map for this zone and it has been a total nightmare, lol. There are so many layers and areas that loop back into each other.

The main issue I am having is that Mapper is making duplicate rooms and I can't seem to make them manually connect to each other using the connections/linking tool. For example, I mapped most of the troll forest above the secret W of the Magus camp. I can't seem to make it properly connect to the part I mapped from the non-secret area NE of the Magus camp.

Sometimes Mapper figures it out by itself and other times it just starts recreating duplicate rooms on a different layer.

2020/11/23 12:20, Pilois:   
@Rhaerys There's a feature in mmapper where you can merge a room with the layer above/below, that seems to work a lot better than the manual linking.

2020/11/23 15:08, Rhaerys: 
Ty, I'll give that a try. I'm certainly a noob at Mmapper so it could be user error.

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