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Why is Bear deaf? catchup  discussions

2020/10/06 07:06, Slampen: 
Give bears the ability to listen to narrates, at least the ones done nearby. Let's say up to 4-5 zones away.

Can use rpg argument that the bears get the message through the wildlife or something like that. :)

Right now playing bear is the most lonesome you can do, it's like floating around in space.

2020/10/06 15:29, Carl: 
Of all the races, I think bears need the most more quests and achievements to make them fun to play. As it is, they're used almost like bns; A good session ends on the island. Give them a reason to stay alive more!

2020/10/07 08:34, Emerka: 
I agree, I would play bears more for sure if it:

a) would hear narrates. It would help bears PK but also find XP group if you are currently just roaming as a bear

b) would have more area freedom to metamorph (even if obtained temporarily through quest or semi-artifact item)

c) it could be a more versatile character than just hitter and basher - maybe again through some quest get a temporary buff to dodge or absorb so it could be able to lead and buff some casual XPs (not smobs, but it should survive a group of 3-4 mobs). Or just obtain certain level of hide absorb by praccing some new warrior (or even ranger) skill - forcing them to focus more on defense, not on offense

2020/10/07 11:08, Ares: 
Best of all, just remove the race along with zorcs, less balancing to do and the playerbase is diluted enough already.

2020/10/07 12:18, Faine: 
Imo theres no need to change anything. Bears are just like they are ment to be, minding their own business and cracking skulls. No need to listen dwarves babbling about golds and gems.

2020/10/07 12:29, Elestir:   
Boosting the hp-regen while resting/sleeping would make bears more playable. Without absorb you lose too much hp and noone enjoys spending half or more of their session regenning in some safespot.

Hearing narrates is good idea. Also bears should be able to metamorph further from Carrock during night and even during day if the moon phase is around full moon.

2020/10/07 13:08, Slampen: 
They should hear narrates, not be able to narrate would be ok.
They should get a foci or two...

2020/10/08 17:57, Neamir: 
Bears should get an insane Track bonus (like +25% or +33%). Strongly reinforced by both Beorn in the Hobbit and literal RL bear behavior.

2020/10/09 01:40, Honeyclaw: 
You tear Nazgúm's scalp off the dead corpse.

Using all your strength, you tear off the head of the corpse of *an Orc* and spike it to the end of a pole.

bear power

2020/10/09 03:52, Grava:   
That was a ballsy, great fight! I whiffed last bash or I think we could have killed both of you. I got out on awful as it played out.

2020/10/09 05:56, Roadkill: 
Log, please!

2020/10/09 13:30, Rhaerys:  edited 1x   
To be fair it was drowning that got him in the end, lol. That was a fun fight! Learned that bears can sneak/hide (or perhaps human form can). Also was spam nuking disengaged and 1.bear became 2.bear after the other revealed itself so my fireballs were heavily split (not to mention a few LOS).

Congrats on the infamous trophy/scalp!

2020/10/10 00:41, Honeyclaw: 
Definitely not worth logging. It's just me eating 5 fireballs to the face while bashing nazgum with 2 cavebears. I think the most log worthy part is BN didn't backfire one of the burning hands at the end :p But the hide/surprise part was fun. Bear is a bit more fun when you skip the human pracs

2020/10/10 07:31, Emerka: 
What do you mean by 'human pracs'?

2020/10/10 09:53, Groar:   
I am an incredibly big fan of the whole Meta (bear) thing. Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, it was not implemented well. If you decide to make a beorning-char you should also be 'forced' to walk around in bear form. I can't blame Faine for example for running around in human form the last few levels.

It would be nice if you could feel some kind of 'impulse', a kind of inner restlessness that you haven't meta for a long time. You could implement it in such a way that you start to tear EQ from your body.

But the most important points would be grouping/nar with other western people and increasing the meta-radius.
Furthermore I find the sense of smell/hearing (just like trolls) one of the best ideas that could be realized.
Like 'detect magic' you could read messages in rooms like 'The dirty smell of an orc comes from the south' ... 'The wind blows single shreds of dark magic words from the south towards you'.

2020/10/10 10:30, Truth:   
No need for a change.
All you need to do is find the other 2-3-4 bears to group up and it is insane powerful even at lower levels.
I used to think of the race as ment for those too dumb to play a troll.

2020/10/10 15:18, Honeyclaw: 
@Emerka I mean you don't spend any practices in things that are useless if you only play as a bear. Parry for example is useless on bear, you always have 0% PB.

2020/10/12 06:51, Faine: 
Tbh last few levels i did as meta. It was around 60-95 that was made as human.

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