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2020/09/27 03:35, Draz:   
A lot of MUME is driven by getting the best equipment, everyone loves it, it's so satisfying to get and is brutal to lose.

In general I think one of the best concepts that could improve MUME is that rewards should scale with risks.

I realize not everyone is interested in PK but think about the first time you started going into Moria, or even your first trip to Rdell. PK'ers are a part of the risk that I think makes MUME great. There so many tools available to make taking risks safer if you prepare invest resources towards it like portal, rocks, locate/scry, etc I think getting the best equipment should involve risk or lots of prep to be safe (and use up more of these resources like rocks).

I think this would have the side benefit of getting more players interested in learning dangerous smobs / areas so they could catch others.

Elite eq that's too low risk:
-GH, BM, Bree legend equipment like ruby ring, fine grey, blue crystal, emb, stips
-Gleaming under LB fort
-BRD on sage
-We could make more variations on current best items anti-evil / anti-good and have them load near enemy homes (wight lord for dark, scaly for white would be good examples)

More notifications:
-The guardian 'door bell' in NOC is one of the best elements in the game, it creates so much action and risk reward for getting your PBS
-Have Sage / E Priest / magically call dark allies when enemies enter OOC
-Have Blood Wight (and others) screech that can be heard from rdell / NOC when attacked

Move some load spots around:
-Moria is perfection, you can 100% be locked in for pk, move powerful staples like Bejewelled / Ruby Ring / No Tracks / Fine Grey / Topaz
-Give pukes a reason to go to Warrens like they go to NOC for PBS
-For foci crystals, let's give weak willed pukes a reason to go east, load on something like scaly, Eblees
-Take gleaming out of LBF
-Old Wight / Necro are also great spots for a good loads (risky both sides, trappable keys, etc.)

Changing safe spots:
-Gates, call to open and seek Rdell mechanics need a longer delay if you have PK noquit and never be opened/entered with an enemy in the room or nearby with watch tower (think how much more fun Slag would be as a puke)
-Adjust more of the safe spots to be 'iffy' like Ohurk, hillside (key is rentable) and less like archway
-Change walk in safe spots to be more delayed / less safe like Rohan, Brolg, Lorien, Vale village, Khuzur, etc.

2020/09/27 08:52, Roadkill: 
Or, in other words, make MUME even more totally dominated by permatrapping, permagrouping powerchars?

No thanks.

2020/09/27 10:18, Dawnborn:   
-Give pukes a reason to go to Warrens like they go to NOC for PBS

The ragged hobbit quest is mildly amusing the first time you do it. Oddly safe too, and the reward is about the same as the risk. Meh.

It is odd though given how much trolls hoard shit, that there isn't something in the Warrens worth fighting to get to.

2020/09/27 16:35, Ena:   
SQT has some decent loot. But when I play there are never any hobbits on to loot, so no point going there.

2020/09/27 17:16, Ares: 
Less elite eq not more, just make it viable to fight in 'standard' equipment. But this has been suggested about 1000+1 times and there have been no changes towards that road, instead more and more powerful eq is made.

2020/09/27 18:09, Draz:   
@Roadkill, what if you tweaked some of the smobs to be easier to clear with smaller group in exchange for the notifications / increased danger from PK?

For example, make blood wight more stabbable or change his muddle so it's possible to keep him outside his room with time (he'll periodically fly out even when low).

Then they would be more available to the average player and be more dangerous for the power group.

2020/09/27 21:24, Svarten:   
You can make wealthy trolls into the equivalent of roaming smobs, that might drop equipment such as weapons, trinkets, full shining and staves that they looted from pukes or other smobs they came across. That way pukes won't avoid them all the time. I gave an example how to build a mechanism that guides players of both sides into playing like that in the other thread. Basically the idea was a troll would need to kill pukes, loot them and hoard their equipment at all times, else he loses his mojo and becomes very very weak. If the pukes catch the eq-laden troll, they can loot his hoard, or else he might rent and they'd have to kill Grinder for a perhaps slightly lower chance to collect it.

2020/09/28 15:07, Nazgum: 
I personally like all of these ideas =)

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