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2020/11/17 00:03, Zintilden:   
Yo? In case you are bored and never saw this lil page, today was the first time I found it! I feel slightly shafted lvl21's don't fall into their own catagory. 8(

Looks like some people need some competition there! Someone bump them down and show them who's the account boss!

[submitted link]

2020/11/17 00:29, Belamir: 
I'd be curious (or frightened) to see where things stand today. That list is ancient :)

2020/11/17 12:54, Zintilden:  edited 1x   
Added some people to the 'Blast in the past' log committee that frequently post logs/comments and that have been around now themselves for a long time. If I added you to be able to vote on those, I told you, and there is a test log I posted. One person couldn't log into their account after, but others were able to, so please check and test.

Why? There were only a few on that list around and only possibly 2 of them play/read here daily. Time to update with younger generation!

If you want to be added and consider yourself a veteran and long term player, contact me with your account name please.

Fieldy? I think you should be added. Let me know plz.

2020/11/17 13:21, Fieldy:   
Yeah, sure, I'd be happy to!

2020/11/17 16:43, Zintilden:   
Clearly I broke something lol.

2020/11/17 17:28, Zintilden:   
Ok! I think everyone can log in without issues now, and if you are a blast account you can test in the test bianca log or at least see what it looks like now. Thanks!

2020/11/17 22:56, Fieldy:   
Yup, seems to be working fine!

2020/11/20 13:29, Andróg:   
Even if that list is ancient, Duke having 17 lvl70+ characters (with their average lvl even being 85) is/was still creepy. Does/did he do anything else at all with his life aside MUME? :-)

2020/11/20 19:35, Dearth:   
The concept of time being 'wasted' on games is interesting to think about.

I remember Breaux wrote on ER like 10 years ago that if he had spent thousands of hours learning stocks instead of MUME, he would be awesome at trading stocks instead of being awesome at MUME. That's too simplistic a way to think about it, I think. People who are great at trading stocks don't think of it as 'productive work', it is just as much fun for them as MUME is for Breaux. Because if they wouldn't find it fun, they would never become awesome at it because getting good like Warren Buffet requires tens of thousands of hours of reading boring statements and learning and failing. No-one ever became good at anything in life if they don't love doing it, because loving doing it helps push through the hard times where everyone else quits, because improvement in any skill eventually becomes very hard.

You can't choose some skill that you don't actually enjoy(but society finds 'productive') and force yourself to find it as much fun as you might find MUME. Doing this will make you mediocre at best at that skill, burnt out and depressed at worst.

If someone would physically stop you from playing a fun game would you automatically switch to some 'productive' thing? Or you watch youtube/netflix/pass time in some other equally 'unproductive' way? I know I would.

So if you don't have anything in life that you find as much fun as playing MUME, is it really better to force yourself into learning some shit you don't enjoy to try to seek validation from boring herd-minded people you don't care about- or play a game you really love?

2020/11/20 19:38, Fieldy:   
Duke updated that info just a few days ago, so it is pretty up to date.

2020/11/20 20:04, Zintilden:   
I thought that lvl thing would keep the feisty pkboiz distracted from hating on each other...'ohhhhhh a new competition'. Fail.

Thank you, Androg! 8)

PS - Meanie! I did giggle at your forwardness though, since it was similiar to my own.

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