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2020/09/14 03:33, Nazgum: 
From the feedback on MUME development thread, a lot of people choose #2 new skills/spells, so how about we make a thread for sharing ideas for new skills and spells to be added to the game?

I'll share a few to kick it off.

== THIEF ==
With everyone in metal, thieves feel like they could use a few combat abilities to stand a better chance in a fight, while still using a dagger.

Precision - while perception gives you a base chance to ignore armor, add precision as a way to further increase this. Currently hitting mages in metal for 1-2 damage with a brd is rather depressing. But with max precision, if more attacks ignore armor it may start to feel more fair.

Hemmorage - your piercing attacks have a chance to cause wounds, or make existing wounds on opponents worse. This could make crits cause even bigger wounds with higher hemmorage %, and if this was added making envenom have higher success vs bleeding targets would be cool. Making it easier to track bleeding targets also seems cool (perhaps already in the game with bleeding tracks). This gives thieves a new strategy to try and win fights, by wearing opponents down with wounds.

Spike Trap - long cast like hide, lay down a trap that deals damage (40-50ish) to the next enemy that enters the room. If they are mounted, knock them off their mount and deal the damage to the mount instead. Perhaps you could even do poison trap after if you had envenom. High Awareness could help avoid it. Perhaps it could require materials like envenom, that thieves had to carry, to prevent over use.

Due to the popularity of charm and the lower playerbase, it feels like warrior could use some skills to help them solo better.

Cleave - your attacks have a chance to hit a second enemy you are also fighting in the room. So you couldnt use it to hit two people just standing in the room, but if they both attack you, then your attacks have a chance to hit both of them. This would help give warriors a chance vs charmies as well, since mages typically hit and order assist. In PvE, since enemies would have to be engaged with you, a group of warriors all cleaving wouldnt likely be possible, it would mostly be the tank that benefits.

Kick - this skill currently seems useless. What if it was changed to literally round house kick the target out of the room. That way warriors would have a way to break up groups of mobs.

== SHAMAN ==
Shaman feel like they lost all of their identity, and could really use some spell fixes or new spells. Their mana regen is also terrible. So I like the idea of:

Blood Ritual - sacrifice 50 hp for 20 mana. This would help make shamans feel quite different from other casters, and give them some options to do interesting things and surprise people.

And that's my initial ideas to kick this off. Share yours! =)

2020/09/14 04:49, Draz:   
Love your ideas Nazgum, I'll throw out some wild ones.

Raise earth - shaman skill, they can raise up rocks / earth to block a single direction in caves / dirt / natural areas. This can be easily cleared by anyone with a delayed command (like current rubble). Maybe it would need to be limited to doors but you get the idea.

Blood magic - shaman, allows you to see puke blooded human characters general directions with 'look around' (like fires are currently). Channeled ability so you can't move on your own while it's active (you can be lead though). Costs hp the longer you channel.

Archon - mage skill, lose all your normal skills but get special archon skills and be more warrior-like. Think Gandalf you shall not pass. Should deplete fast to be primarily a finisher. Give mages some options besides just charming to fight toe-to-toe. Archons are not recognized by previous charmies during / after :).

Rock fall, avalanche or confusion spell. - prevents followers from following for some extended period of time (30 seconds?). Give the solo players some tools to mess with groups, charmies, etc.. Affects everyone in the area so you can't use it as a group to trap as easily.

Beast master, shaman commands all nearby non-humanoids for a short period of time.

Treachery, dark magic. Turns good groups against each other for a 1-2 rounds of combat. The larger the group the higher probability of success (including charmies).

Hugely agree about piercing vs. metal / mages, something is needed. Daggers are one of the best types of weapons vs. fully armoured people in reality and the mechanics of absorb reducing high frequency attacks so much needs some counter play. I would love to have better options to play my scout more group oriented / warrior like with different types of danger. Having a scout on you unimpeded should be DANGEROUS not a joke.

1000% agree warriors need a way to move significantly lower level mobs with kick / throw / grapple so they have some hope of comparable solo xp.

2020/09/14 10:21, Valr:   
Agreed on warriors needing some solo love. If a 60+ warrior feels the need to grab mercs when he cant find a team, something is wrong imo.

Charge reworked into 'charge into battle' instead of a lance charge. A decent sized first hit and intimidating other mobs from assisting for a few rounds... maybe?

Quite vague, but some partial parry mitigation when soloing. This feels like more of a problem in the lower levels, but theres a lot of dodge/parry/evades your bash when soloing.

2020/09/14 16:52, Merarl: 

Renown: Your standing as a bastion for Good (or Evil?) has spread across the lands and fellow warriors flock to you. You now have the ability to recruit, (pay), better mobs to your side, (young rangers, thiefs, thugs, raiders, ???).

2020/09/14 17:45, Shaukr: 
Allow players to riposte off parried hits, with a % chance based on parry skill% & current PB (perhaps also modified by opponent OB). Requires weaponry (no barehand).

A big problem with warrior xp is that you can buff, but can't kill, or vice versa - allow def-focused characters to deal some source of damage while conserving their hp on wimpy, as well as adding more options in pk than just 'charge in on agg'.

Shaman-specific: I think the other threads have introduced some solid ideas. What I'd like to see is a darkie-specific aura spell like sanc, though as a darkie spell it would be damage reflection rather than damage reduction. This would also align with the idea of orcs charging in, having high hp and lower def. They're gonna bleed, so make it costly.

2020/09/15 01:48, Alweon: 

Arm Trap - Seems like a cool concept but don't want to make it exploitable in bottlenecks, so it needs to be cool down-based imo. Perhaps make it hill/grass/forest only as well? Awareness and perception could assist in avoiding the trap (making it go from hidden to visible). A command like 'disarm trap' could disable them. Trap ideas could be instant damage (and chance to wound), snare (cripple movement speed for a few seconds), and dot (poison).

Hemorrhage - Cool concept as well. Every 33% skill could add a wound up to a a max of 3 per target. After that, you have a chance to worsen the wounds. Perhaps a max of 10% on-hit chance to give a wound? The wound system is already in the game, which everyone already has access to and there are plenty of in-game counters as well so this seems like a nifty addition.

Throw Sand - This ability would be a temporary blind (2-3 seconds IRL) causing opponent to miss all attacks and/or potentially strike random nearby targets instead. It could be saved or dodged based on opposing DEX. It could also be ingredient-based, forcing the thief to carry extra items/weight (just needs to be in inventory). Put it on a 2 tick IRL cool down.

Precision - Passive as Naz mentioned above is very cool.


Kick - Interrupt that also drains target of 5 movement points (opponent loses their wind of course). Max damage of 20 depending on skill level, and give it a 1 tick cool down so it can't be spammed.

Charge - Remove lances entirely. Make this like a running bash type ability like 'charge *orc* east' where your character will keep running east (up to 5 rooms max) until it bashes the target. Make it cost 3-4x normal movement points for each room traveled. If landed, the target is bashed for half duration of a normal bash and suffers like 40 max damage. Can be saved/evaded up to 33% based on dex/per/dodge of target. Works in tandem with or independent of player's bash skill.


Poison - Might be cool to make this darkie-only. Can target players, mobs, food, water sources, and edged or spiked weapons. Applies a slightly nerfed version of venom, belladonna, arachnia, and psylonia.

Fear - Not sure how you'd make the math work here, but somehow give orcs a bonus to Fear to help balance to extra WIL most pukes have. It just seems like a darkie-themed spell and I'd even be OK if it was darkie-only.

Hold - Make the cast speed roughly the same as normal colour spray and if it lands (ie. is not saved), it becomes a channeled spell lasting 50% longer than bash. While channeled, the opponent can not cast or attack but the shaman can not cast or attack either since channeling requires his mental focus. Bonus chance to save with higher WIL.

Black Breath - Same casting speed as BoB but drains 20 moves and either cancels the enemy's BoB buff (if they have one) or applies a minor move regen debuff for one tick (the debuff can be removed by casting BoB but you will not get the BoB buff). It's not a targeted spell and affects either all enemies or all non-group members. Debuff can be saved depending on math factoring current WIL.

Raise Dead - Not an expert here, but it sounds like it could use a slight buff (duration, ability to re-raise a stale minion, less chance of disappearing, etc.)

Drain Life - Slightly less spell damage than bolt, ~2 mana cost more than bolt, same cast speed as bolt, and 20% of damage is given to caster in health (life steal).

Smother - Low damage, applies a ~3 second SILENCE debuff (no casting, speaking, or ordering charmies).

A new darkie-accessible item for increased mana-regen should be introduced. Maybe a bone necklace of sorts? I know, not a skill but I wanted to sneak this in, heh.


Charm - Apply a 2-3 second autoattack delay to charmies against PLAYERS only to force players to actually command their minions rather than rely on super-fast autos.

Call Familiar - I've honestly NEVER tried this, so forgive my ignorance but it could be a nifty early-game charmie type spell. Conjure a magical creature from thin air. Can be one of three mobile types - DPS, tank, or caster. Minions scale based on caster's mage level up to a reasonable cap. Do BN's get this spell? If not, they should as they will probably benefit the most. Can call up to 2 familiars max, and they last 36 ticks before vanish. No need to learn COMMAND for familiars as they only serve to buff or assist and do so automatically or via a tell command.

I may have stolen these ideas from another thread? If so, sorry for not giving credit!

2020/09/15 02:08, Shaukr: 
'A new darkie-accessible item for increased mana-regen should be introduced.'

I'll preach this to whoever will listen: shaman battle-standards with either regen or spellpower effects.

Brolg already holds a standard, and its RPish for a tribal rallying symbol. Make a new item that's holdable (and not wieldable 1h like orkish battle standard) as a staff-equivalent for shamans, which can be weaker than a 'true' mage staff. Pures would use it normally, bashing combos can swap to it to regen (or to flee/swap/nuke if its a spellpower item).

2020/09/15 03:17, Bardock:   
I would love a block door and break door scroll, make it load on a new mob or something and it will create a pk area, zorcs will want to be there to try to get one, i think it would add more strategy and interesting situations to PK if we had block and break door scroll.s

2020/09/18 02:27, Forsaken:   
Detect Poison could detect poison on enemies. *an orc* is here, wielding a sword (poison) or something.

Detect Evil could detect evil artifacts on enemies. *an orc* is here, wielding a sword (evil) or something.

Just give some utility to these existing spells that are rarely ever used.

2020/09/18 09:07, Mhoghedin: 

Pit trap: Does damage and causes all the mounts to be trapped and only recovered with a delayed action to get them out.

2020/09/25 07:59, Emerka: 
Would it be OP if bash disengage would also have optional direction and it would throw target in the next room? Without guaranteed success. Maybe there could be similar or a bit lower sucess rate as for escape. Throwing into DTs, climb exits, rivers shoudln't work.

It should work for regular mobs and players. Not bosses.

It will give warriors chance against charmies in PK especially if they can close/lock them in closable. Also, it could substitute a bit of CC in smobbing, or just solo xping as warrior.

The chance should be higher the higher skill % you have. Definitely should have questionable results for combos - they should not rely on its success.

2020/09/25 11:52, Emerka: 
One more: Can we enhance enchant to be cast upon people and provide some kind of small buff? I would want more active chanters to be in game, so there is also some benefit for them to have the spell pracced . Typically now somebody relogs to 'chanter' when somebody asks for chant.

2020/09/25 18:13, Elestir:   
What could work for enchant is giving the weapon additional bonus while wielded by the enchanter himself (game would have to remember who enchanted what for all weapons, just like it does for staves now). This bonus would be based on current % in enchant, so if the enchanter trained off enchant, he would lose the bonus. Then it is only matter of balancing the additional bonus (maybe 50% more bonus, i.e. +5ob, +1damage for 100% in enchant could be balanced).

2020/09/25 18:52, Draz:   
Enchant being for basic gear is just a silly mechanic. It would make more sense if the high level gear needed it. Do we really want to gate people from getting basics based on whether someone logs on (in this low population game)?

At the bare minimum there should be an enchant quest for both sides. You're telling me sage / Elrond can't hook up their warriors somehow?

2020/09/25 21:25, Elestir:   
We just need enchant scrolls. Side effect would also be making gem inlaid staves available for orcs and trolls (which wouldn't hurt the game IMHO). Trolls would also gain 5pb on their staves then though (not a big deal either IMHO, but there are ways to balance that if that's seen as a problem). Maybe trolls shouldn't be able to recite scrolls anyway, as they should be illiterate (we could add something else only trolls can make use of to replace heal scrolls for them).

2020/10/20 11:06, Belamir: 
What if black breath were reworked to drastically lower the target's base moveregen and nullify all move regen bonuses from equipment, spells, and potions for the duration?

So instead of being an anti-moves spell, it would become an anti-move-regen spell?

2020/10/21 20:24, Tapio:  edited 1x   

If fighting against metal armor is the limitation, add pierce weapon eff vs metal? This has no LotR credence that I know. But the dagger was the medieval knights primary weapon againist strong armor.

Also, the same problem could be solved by givinig ppl reason to not wear armor. Maybe that is the real change here? To make dodge-set more viable?

Now my main pont. Bring back steal, nerfed to cross war and with gold cap

** Symbolic **
Mume has four classes. One of them being thief. Thief. Today thieves are murderers. Possibly scouts. Giving them steal back would restitute some of their original look and feel. Just think about Tbd? One of the most interesting places in Mume. A lot of its symbolism revolves around stealing. Think of the BM prison message? Removing steal removes a dimension from Mume.

** Gameplay **
Why use steal when you might as well stab, you say? Well, steal always damages the opponent for real. Compare for example 3 warriors against one solo thief. Landing a stab is next to pointless. But landing a steal would still hurt. Steal is also easier to land and is quicker? And also have symbolic value. Pkill is a lot about pride. The group of warriors are overpowering. So steal represents the core of the thief class, using guile and tricks instead of raw power.

Another advantage of steal is that it is completely eq independent. Imagine you are without eq and tping or xping or running around getting small stuff you need to rebuild or getting vials from priest. Landing a steal instead of a stab with shiny dagger is more meaningfull and more fun and helps you more.

Gameplay wise steal would just bring back a bit more nuance. And could work as the little guys petty revenge against powerplayers after getting ganked and gaced 20 times. And if a really enraging cowardly thief lure enemy into trap, well, that is another way to PK for real?

** Need for nerfing **

As a V+ told me, 'steal was only used to abuse afk ppl by bad actors'. Limiting steal to cross race fixes this problem. Steal probably also need a gold cap at 10-30 gold or whatever is deemed appropriate. It is unbalanced to be able to take 50-100 gold a pop against players that walk around with thousand gold in inventory. And there is no good defence against steal in such situations, you cant pack 2000 gold into moneybags. At least as I imagine it, steal is a way of playing tags, I reach out and tap you on the head saying 'catch me if you can'. Its not meant to ruin the game for anyone, just make the game a bit more interesting and allowing one more playstyle and bring back the look and feel of the thief class.

** Feature of the books **
Steal was a feature of the books. Bilbo was hired as a burgler and did make a pickpocket attempt. Cross war too! So JRRT himself agrees with this suggestion to bring steal back in a nerfed cross war form! That has got to count for something!

** Protect the Trolls! **
Also, ideally, to prevent abuse, steal would only be allowed against the two other sides of the war, Zork and Whities for darkie side, Zork and Darkie for Whitie side and Zorks against everyone as always. I know that normally trolls and orcs are supposed to have no rules implemented in favour of one another. But we do not want any abuse and we do not want to ruin the game for anyone, just make it more enjoyable. So best would be for orcs not being able to steal from trolls. Especially since trolls cant steal back.

2020/10/22 02:47, One:   
I would like the dodge skill to give a higher chance to dodge spells.

2020/10/23 16:11, Naut:   
It would be nice if skills had this quick normal thoro thing as spells. So quick backstab would have lesa delay and less damage, thoro qould have massive damage with massive delay and better success rate. Same for bash etc

2020/10/23 19:29, One:   
I agree. Sneak too. I would say more delay and higher move cost for sneaking thoroughly.

2020/10/23 19:38, Elízalde:   
^^^ *cough* really bad idea *cough* ^^^

2020/10/23 23:00, Belamir: 
Why is it a bad idea?

Hide skill, for instance, already works this way.

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