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Covid-19 - time to save the old and planet by playing MUME? catchup  discussions

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2020/11/09 18:04, Roadkill: 
Today is a good day.

[submitted link]

2020/11/09 18:55, Belamir: 
Good stuff. But their time frame makes it sound like we're still in for a bad winter.. especially in the US where Trump remains in charge until the middle of January.

2020/11/10 09:55, Enforcer: 
We don't need a vaccine, Biden cured it. Wooot - dancing in the streets of USA!

2020/11/10 20:29, Andróg:   
'Covid has mortality rate on par with flu.' - This is wrong.

Covid-19's mortality rate is much higher. How much higher is still being investigated, but even the most optimistic take indicates that it is at least 3 times as high. And this is the best-case-scenario. However, what you also have to take into account is that covid-19 is much-much more infectious than the regular flu. So even if we took the best case scenario that it is just 3 times higher in mortality rate, we would still end up with a many, many times more deaths because it has a higher infection rate.

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