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Would you like to see a MUME podcast? catchup  discussions

2018/10/08 08:37, Dagoth:   
Thinking of doing a podcast just for the hell of it. The game has been around for so long that a newb like me wouldn't even try to offer advice or strats. But I think interviewing experienced players talking about the game and their adventures could be interesting.

2018/10/08 12:31, Edvard: 
I'd give it a listen for sure! You'd be awesome for doing that :D

2018/10/09 21:10, Ninjzor: 
So would I!

2018/10/09 22:36, Eldaril: 
Wow, a rare Ninjzor sighting :)

2018/10/10 03:10, Livien:   
I haven't ever gotten into podcasts; but sure, I'll listen to a MUME one. That sounds like fun.

2018/10/10 09:15, Fieldy:   
Go for it. Same as Livien here.

2018/10/11 07:02, Singleton: 
@Eldaril Ninjors behaviour should be scrutinized much more thoroughly ! Do you think we could get some funding from MUME management?

2018/10/11 07:53, Fieldy:   
If I remember correctly there is an application form for the funding from MUME management. But you have to kill Galadriel to get the form. It in her satchel or something.

2018/10/11 09:49, Singleton: 
Thanks, Fieldy, I ll see to it ...

2018/10/11 19:24, Roadkill: 
I'd love a MUME podcast.

2018/10/20 00:08, Dagoth:   
I made this thread while drunk and thinking it would be a fun project to do a podcast. After researching about podcasting I've decided it just wouldn't be something I could commit to. Sorry to get anyone's hopes up.

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