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New powwow 1.2.18 now out catchup  discussions

2018/09/12 17:24, Jahara: 
Grab it here at [submitted link]

This release includes bug fixes for IPv6, carriage return handling, and wide characters.

2018/09/17 09:12, Singleton:edited 1x   
Thanks loads for maintaining it and keeping us informed :-)

2018/09/17 16:17, Roadkill: 
What Singleton said.


2018/09/17 23:25, Dagoth:   
What advantages does this client have over something like Mudlet? Which is what I use now along with Mmapper.

2018/09/18 13:40, Singleton: 
Weeeelll ... I use it for some 20 years now, and I never looked into anything else, so I might be the wrong one to ask.

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