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2018/07/25 01:59, Dyno:   
I know the full reroll thing for the summer etc seems unlikely, so what else can we do to bring interest back to the game? This may have already been brought up, but what if we made the limited rerolls more limited, but you could go as far away from your original base as you wanted. So a char of any level could say get 50 basis points (instead of 100) after 1 month of retirement. So it could take 6 months or so to get a char the way you wanted it if the changes were significant. Seems like it could be a decent happy medium to maybe get people with older legend chars back into the game? Thoughts?

2018/07/30 15:52, Enforcer: 
My thoughts at 33 degrees heat: I LIKE!

2018/07/30 20:19, Dyno:   
Apparently you are the only one.

2018/07/30 20:22, Resin: 
Seems everyone wants full rerolls and nothing less

2018/07/31 18:32, Odoinn:   
Please, someone, explain this obsession with rerolls? And the connection with 'bringing the game back to life'? Because I don't see it.

2018/08/02 12:55, Rashnak: 
As far as 'bringing the game back to life', I'd guess that the idea/hope is that people would bring their old characters back to play (rerolling them into something more interesting - something they want to play today), rather than forcing them to level up completely new characters from scratch.

Whether this would be sufficient to attract players (who have quit) back to the game, I think it does not go far. For one, they'd have to be informed of this option. Many do not follow this website or anything anymore.

Most of these people would not be interested to come back no matter what. They have moved on with RL or whatever.

Few that might come back given golden opportunity, may not want to log into a completely unknown (to them) world and risk losing max shinings or whatever they are holding in retirement.

Many old players also already have lot of characters, and reroll oportunity without even knowing the state of game today sounds pretty useless to them.

What would MAYBE help to regain a few players, is some kind way to start playing again with temporarily reduced risks compared to regular players.

XP loss etc could be removed, even EQ could stay safe (unlootable) if it can be done without opening holes to abuse. They could then relearn the game safely, and get usual losses after a while.

Meanwhile in 'relearn' mode, they could also face limitations such as not getting WPs, or having their new progress wiped when they return to normal mode. Such limitations would motivate them to relearn quickly in order to get to normal gaming faster.

But such changes are ultimately difficult, because in addition to the mortal players, also gods needed to implement them have moved on.

2018/08/02 19:12, Aranaeth: 
Funny dont you think? MUME must me about the only game that doesent do anything at all to draw its players back in. Like literally nothing, no bone thrown, material or immaterial, no reasons given, cause you know, nothing has changed since last few years.

Other games have 'campaigns' and events, not all of which means pay to win on a gold platter and instant gratification.

No compromsies here, mume will go proudly down with all its integrity and tradition.

People would LOVE to play again, if only there were anything new to try out.

But yada yada...

2018/08/02 20:20, Eldaril:edited 1x   
How many other games do you know that are, (a) 25-year-old text-based products, (b) expressly prohibited from generating income, and (c) run by volunteer staff with actual day jobs? It's a small miracle MUME is still up in the first place.

2018/08/03 01:35, Dyno:   
I realize that the resources are limited in MUME, but I can't imagine anyone has looked at the recent news and been like ' OH MAN! its basically impossible to escape the roots now.. I can't wait to log in!!'
'Or did you check out that new focus they created that totally sucks ass and takes everyone online to help you obtain???'

2018/08/05 10:51, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
@Eldaril why text games are prohibited from generating income?

I'm ready to throw few money to management, if they can improve the game, and make it more attractive for old and new players

2018/08/05 11:38, Eldaril: 
That's not what I wrote.

2018/08/06 10:55, Rashnk: 
MUME is prohibited from doing so, because it is based on copyrighted works of Tolkien. It could be a competitor to whatever licensed games there are.

MUME was explicitly prohibited from making money, when lawyers contacted the admins when the first movies were coming out.

2018/08/06 13:16, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
OK I see .... But it is not prohibited to donate money to management inorder to improve the game?

2018/08/06 13:19, Rashnak: 
You cannot differentiate such donations from payments for the service.

It was complicated enough to arrange the donations for new server hardware back in the day. It had to be explicitly documented so that the donations are solely for providing the hardware, on which MUME (in addition to possible other games) can be served to the public. It was explicitly forbidden to donate toward the game itself.

Besides lawyers from Tolkien estate, also the underlying DIKU MUD license sets restrictions.

2018/08/06 13:30, Ortansia:   
I'm pretty sure I saw a donation button somewhere on the official website....
Anyway it is kind of hopeless that you can not hire a competent coder to develop the game :/, and we can only rely on the free time of few volunteers who clearly don't have enough time to spend for the game.

2018/08/07 02:55, Bardock: 
I fully agree with Ortansia, progression is the only thing that makes a game alive. Mume needs a new race. A new evil race of men would be great. The Dark side is lacking numbers and jesus christ mume is such a great game if it had competent poeple running it and updating like for instance aardwolf we would be doing so much better. its a shame.

2018/08/07 16:41, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
I truly believe there are competent people running mume, but they are volunteers, and apparently they don't have much free time to spend in developing the game.
and since there is a copyright Issue, you cannot donate money to hire competent coders to work on the game :/ , I think it is hopeless and just get over it , and do not expect more in the future...

2018/08/08 00:44, Bardock: 
that's a truly sad outcome, I want so bad to just give up on mume but this game is so great and has so much potential it will never see :( I think you are right Ortansia.

2018/08/30 11:01, Andróg:   
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the copyright issue such that they cannot charge us anything for playing, nor can they make any money off advertising, but... does it really extend so far that a bunch of people couldn't donate money just to pay someone to improve the game? No one but that hypothetical lone programmer would really gain anything financially from it. I'd be surprised if the copyright limitation extended that far.

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