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2020/11/10 04:41, Roadkill: 
Ah. I see.

Well, that clarifies that, then.

2020/11/10 06:53, Savu:  edited 1x   
Don't be an idiot, Tapio. Mart Helme is just a power-hungry manipulator. Always willing to fuck up Estonia for domestic politics.

You coming to tell me, that he is looking out for my interests when him, his party and the coalition are actively working to reduce human rights of citizens in general and some groups in particular is just absurd.

All the Eastern European 'right-wing' parties are branches of the same tree. Fighting against gays and other races. Totally ignoring human rights when they happen to be in the way of a law they want passed. Flirting with the church to absurd levels. Promoting all conspiracies that rally their voters etc. Easy for you to tout support for them from Sweden. Same as it's easy for juveniles in Brown to yearn for communism.

2020/11/10 07:48, Fieldy:   
Oh wow. Interesting viewpoints, Tapio.

2020/11/10 09:53, Enforcer:edited 4x   
In defence of Tapio, he does make more sense than Biden:

Biden the storyteller:
[submitted link]
Biden the math wizard: [submitted link]

Biden the inspirational:
[submitted link]

Biden picks Kamala:
[submitted link]

2020/11/10 20:21, Andróg:   
So Pompeo just declared that there is going to be a 'smooth transition to the second term of Trump'. Which, eh...

I'm not sure whether to say that this is going to get fun, sad, ridiculous or horrifying... or all of those things together.

Strangely though, I still seem to have some basic faith in the truth of the statement that 'the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House,' to quite Biden. Now it's just a matter of hoping those in the government actually understand who the trespassers are.

2020/11/11 01:03, Tapio:   
'human rights' is ******* Europeans up the ***. Everytime human rights are used, it is to hurt us and steal from us and take away power from us. Anyone who bandies human rights around is the enemy and destroyer of europeans.

You sir, Savu, has been exposed as our enemy. You are the enemy. You are Sauron putting a pretty face on.

2020/11/11 01:05, Tapio:   
Yea, I was drunk. Sorry about that.

2020/11/11 06:32, Savu:   
Maybe in Sweden. Here in newer democracies it's a relevant topic and everywhere where there's a leader that you get so wet for there are problems with it. Poland and Hungary seem to be losing/have lost the fight already. So stop preaching your nonsense, when you are completely oblivious to the reality, you're still like a Western kid yearning for communism.

2020/11/11 10:19, Enforcer: 
The election and everything leading up to it in US is treason against its citizens. Democratic Party, Media, Big tech - all in on it. There is so much information about voter fraud its amazing to watch. Media and big tech trying to silence it all. Even if the truth doesn't come out for the masses yet, those who know, have already known for a long time. I hope steps have been taken by the Trump administration. There is a legal process here and mainstream media nor big tech don't call the shots nor announce the president.

2020/11/11 15:29, Andróg:   
Enforcer, I think police and the judiciary branch must be in on this grand conspiracy as well then in America.

Why? Well, because police is not investigating any major fraud cases, because they claim they have no evidence of anything major to investigate (50 votes in one state or 15 votes in another state will not change the results of the election) and the judiciary branch has been basically throwing out all the lawsuits Trump's lawyers have been trying to present as total nonsense or unsubstantiated hearsay.

So, really, please do add courts of law and police to your list of Media, Big tech and the Democratic party.

2020/11/11 15:55, Fieldy:   
Don't forget the Muppets!

2020/11/11 17:41, Prist: 
I entirely agree with Enforcer - it's massive voter fraud that is going on in the US. Things are really crazy in Alaska right now - for 8 days the local caribou were printing ballots and counting them, all fake. You don't read about that from rightwing or mainstream media but those who know, know and it's amazing that no one is talking about it.

2020/11/11 18:08, Ytinas: 
Aye, 80%+ of the population in on the conspiracy, and they still don’t win the senate! You can tell it’s a conspiracy because they’re sucking at it.

What’s amazing is that the ‘conspiracy theory’ of a silent coup that is examined step by step by the cabal itself is fake news too! Count every favorable legal vote! Viva la CCCA!

Btw, couple of days ago apparently the count was at 2 confirmed fraud cases (Ie 2 votes!), of which one was a trump vote. Seems on par with expectations: negligible in numbers, and 100% catch rate. Theres plenty of evidence of manipulation at scale (obstructing voting and attempting to change vote eligibility for specific groups after ballots are cast, trying to block votes from being counted), but that’s apparently not considered fraud.

2020/11/11 18:56, Enforcer: 
Here's my code for the vote-counting program to be used in future elections in USA (instead of Pelosi Dominion software).
int TrumpVotes = 0
int BidenVotes = 0
if (ballot = TrumpVote)

Could work? Improvements?
I'm thinking we could really improve on the US Election security together :)

2020/11/11 20:08, Merarl: 
Next election, line up 1 billion beers in blue cans, and 1 billion beers in red cans. Which ever has all the beers drunk first wins.

2020/11/11 23:23, Belamir:edited 1x   
Still can't tell if Enforcer is trolling or being serious.

Democrats did not do well in down-ballot races this year, despite those races being extremely, extremely important (state races = redistricting, Senate = control over judiciary among other things). Republicans are still very much in control of redistricting, which will give them a major advantage in the next 10 years of elections (since SCOTUS refused to reign in gerrymandering) - and Democrats would have to win 2 runoff elections in January, in Georgia of all places, to even pull even in the Senate - so they probably lost the Senate.

But yeah, it makes total sense that there would be 'fraud' to claim the presidency, but that ignored those other things. That were on the same ballots.

2020/11/12 05:32, Enforcer: 
So the Joe 'Unifier' Biden party is gonna be making lists of people who voted Trump, to punish them. That sounds like a good idea! Where else were such lists made in previoua century?

2020/11/12 11:40, Belamir: 
Ok, pretty obvious now - just trolling :) Silly Enforcer!

2020/11/12 12:43, Savu:   
Like a kid flipping the table after losing a board game.

[submitted link]

2020/11/12 13:50, Enforcer: 
Hey, nothing like a good trollin' - or am i!

2020/11/12 18:27, Andróg:   
I wonder if Trump just tried to fire everybody of significance in the government system in the next two months, then could he actually do it? :)

2020/11/12 18:46, Grimble:   
There are a whole lot more problems with the ballots than just 2 as Ytinas said. The system is working as it should right now. There are challenges to the ballot counting and the legal system will work it out. There are still 2 states that haven't even been called yet. Of course the fake news is saying it is over but it is not over. It has to be over by December 8th. If we would just go to a system of voter ID that is verified at the time of voting it could be done in a day or 2 but sadly this is not the case so we have a lot of cheating that goes on. For example a 170 year old man requested an absentee ballot in Pennsylvania and voted for Biden. That was among several people born in the 1800's voting. LOL come on. The race is so close that errors and cheating can actually change things.
Like this:

[submitted link]
It is going to get really interesting when they find out that Trump actually won and we get 4 more years haha.

2020/11/12 19:55, Ytinas: 
Please distinguish fraud from errors. As I said, there’s error correction in place, and flaws get corrected, which is why your vote counts. Recounts happen for that reason, and are both normal and perfectly legit.

What is not legit, is if those responsible for law and order in a country start actively spreading misinformation, even when the myths have long been debunked (as they admit as soon as in court). But hey you’re free to believe your politburo. The conspiracy is true! Democrats have planted Republicans all across the political system for decades, and now those Republicans are finally executing the Democratic coup. But hey, freedom is a privilege, and I do admit that Trump is constitutionally not obliged to leave the White House even if not a single individual votes for him. I’m just surprised that the don’t tread on me people are so keen to have their right to vote turn to a privilege. First, they came for the socialists...

And yes it will be interesting... Trump has a long list

2020/11/12 20:48, Facelift: 
These elections are rigged like 9/11

2020/11/13 01:29, Belamir: 
And the moon landing

2020/11/13 08:20, Facelift:edited 1x   
1) Any vote counting facility that denies 3rd party observers is shady as fuck.

2) 9/11 makes absolutely no logical sense if you go for the 'mainstream story'

But I guess ignorance is a bliss?

Edit: People are very keen to dismissing anything that may jeopardize their fixed world view. Therefore asking the 'diehard' exemplary citizens to be able to grasp the concept of being lied to will be asking them to conduct the suicide of their ego. It's impossible and that's why the current system works so well, as long as there's 'believers' there's enough sheep to baah long and suppress the minority that uses their own critical thinking ;)

Just like Ytinas is so quick to dismiss Prist's comment and Belamir making fun of 'conspiracy theories'.

The funny thing is that even when those 'conspiracy theories' turn out to be true at some later stage, absolutely noone who put them down in the first place cares about it - they still think they were right about laughing at people who stood with those afore-mentioned theories. It's the pinnacle of ignorance. It's sad. It's funny but it's the everflowing shitshow of modern society.

2020/11/13 11:19, Belamir:edited 1x   
Hey, I'm agreeing with you. It's all shady as fuck. Especially the moon landing. I mean, you expect me to believe we've been to the MOON?

Total sheep. Think for yourselves for once. I get all my news from Facebook and Twitter where people tell the truth - unlike the lyin' lamestream media.

2020/11/13 15:42, Facelift: 
It's fine, you can make fun of me. But I don't even use Facebook (deactivated it long ago, just using messenger as contact book) and I never made Twitter account nor read it...

I rarely read news, if I do glance upon something, it's usually bullshit anyway so why bother.

Travel and open mind is the key to see past this thin veil... Why are you bringing moon landing up? Did I say anything about it? Nope.

There's just some things that are too shady and illogical to be considered absolute truth, that's all. Don't need any 3rd party source telling you that. You got your own mind and critical thinking for that.

2020/11/13 16:07, Merarl: 
John Fetterman 2024 !

2020/11/13 16:09, Roadkill: 
Common sense tells me quantum physics can't possibly be true, ergo they aren't!

That sounds very Einstein.

2020/11/13 18:50, Facelift:edited 1x   
Comparing quantum physics (something that I follow with great interest for several years) to political propaganda and bullshit cover stories produced FOR mainstream media is hilarious.

How does it feel like to live in this tiny imaginary world of elves thinking that the good ol' government actually cares about you and loves you?


2020/11/13 19:04, Ytinas: 
Wait, what? While I can neither deny nor confirm that I may or may not have been feeding trolls, Prist wasn’t one of them afaict.

Facelift, you’re almost right: those people will keep thinking it’s a conspiracy theory, and not accept the truth. Owning up doesn’t occur. Is something still a conspiracy theory if the conspiracists publicly boast about it? And why is that ‘theory’ somehow more laughable than e.g flat earthers?

Were there any confirmed cases of blocked observers though? From what I’ve followed, lawyers admitted in every single suit that their observers either were present, or never asked to be admitted until after the fact. Evil.

2020/11/13 21:09, Dearth:  edited 1x   
For me, these are the most fucked up American war-starting 'conspiracy theories' that later turned out to be 100% true:

1) [submitted link]

2) [submitted link]
3) [submitted link]

About CIA's Mind Control
[submitted link]
Derren Brown replicated Project Artichoke with 'Pushed to the edge' where he made an unknowing person push someone off a ledge.

2020/11/13 21:17, Facelift:edited 1x   
What's most amusing is how articles and posts get 'fact-checked' at any point where they contradict the mainstream media. Yet none of the posts by mainstream media that have turned out to be blatant lies have been ever been subjected to fact-checking by those 'independent 3rd party sites' ?

If you don't see the hilarity behind this then you truly are a muppet!

2020/11/13 22:48, Belamir: 
A real Kermit the Frog

2020/11/14 02:36, Thurge: 
Sometimes I wish we could gif here. Then I think about it, and I'm kinda glad we can't.

2020/11/14 12:33, Facelift: 
Ayy, keep watching CNN as your bible.

I don't expect much from people who believe there's an invisible man in the sky.


2020/11/14 17:33, Belamir: 
You're mixing up your stereotypes. The CNN crowd are the libs (that need to get owned), and the invisible man in the sky crowd are the conservatives (i.e., the ones owning the libs).

2020/11/14 19:35, Facelift: 
Pretty much same shit from where I'm sitting from. Extreme views are never good and everything seems to be getting more extreme in the Mickey Mouse land.

2020/11/14 20:06, Ytinas: 
Most real people are still somewhat in the middle though, and they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Double down to the right or overshoot to the left are both problematic. If only we could find a way to not have people pick up arms at every tweet/post/insta etc.

2020/11/14 20:14, Enforcer: 
Normies dont understand that if you try to please the leftists, they just get more aggressive. I guess some sort of conflict is inevitable if people wanna keep their freedoms. Like that dr.Fauci calling for people to submit...

2020/11/14 21:51, Facelift: 
“When you're born into this world, you're given a ticket to the freak show. If you're born in America you get a front row seat.”
&#8213; George Carlin

2020/11/15 07:47, Ytinas: 
Replace lefties with the word extremists and you’re about spot on. Hard to blame dems for trying to copy the GOP playbook, because it’s an effective strategy that’s hard to fight (in the end economics will, but usually through pointless bloodshed).

Modern right wing politics is socialism for a select few. Freedoms that take decades to fight for disappear overnight. But hey, on back to feudalism!

2020/11/15 10:52, Facelift: 
Democracy would never work if half of the population has an IQ of 80

2020/11/15 11:24, Belamir:edited 1x   
That's actually a good point, although perhaps replace 'stupidity' (low IQ) with 'ignorance' (lack of education).

In the US, the latter is a HUGE problem. Not only because the public schools, that educate the majority of the population (and virtually all of the non-wealthy population) are severely underfunded and have been for decades - but also because in the US education system, critical thinking skills are heavily emphasized at the university level, but much less so in high school and below (where the education system relies more on memorization and regurgitation). A nontrivial portion of the population never makes it to (or through) the university level in their education.

But even worse, in the US it is culturally acceptable, even encouraged, to look down on education and on those that are educated. This is possibly a leftover attitude from decades ago when it was actually possible to finish high school and go straight into a job that paid enough to support a family, buy a house, and retire comfortably - but for the most part those jobs no longer exist unless you have a higher level of education (university or above). But the attitude of 'those educated snobs, screw them, I work hard and am successful without that fancy university degree' still exists.

So in the US we have both a lack of critical thinking skills among the population, and an outright hostility towards acquiring them. And that is a combination that is easy to exploit for political ends - and in my opinion, it absolutely has been, and will continue to be.

2020/11/15 12:00, Facelift: 
You got the millenials and Gen Z, the 'woke' culture that thinks the world of whatever they follow on Twitter. Easily manipulated by any 3rd party. Perfect liberal voters. Absolutely no critical thinking when it comes to seeking acceptance or being part of something. Surely they vote for whoever their Twitter feed suggests.

Then you got the boomers, doomers, millenials, Gen X, Gen Z whatever who have grown up in republican households, households that only ever vote for republicans because 'that's the way things should be' - absolutely no critical thinking, just following 'what pop said'.

And then you got a hefty handful of people who can't give enough fucks to even vote, because they have already given up.

How does this system expect to work in the first place?

2020/11/15 12:07, Belamir: 
Interestingly, some of the older Republican voters continue to vote Republican because they are not aware of how much Trump has changed the party and what it stands for. They think they are still voting for the party of Reagan, but instead, well..

Ignorance is a huge issue in the US.

2020/11/15 12:07, Ytinas: 
It works because of complacency, combined with an emergency brake. Accept that the system is sub-optimal, and intervene when the abuse for personal gain becomes to big. Only real alternatives to this dance are people giving enough fucks or authoritarianism. Most people don’t want either, but if you’re too far into the latter it’s costly to go back.

2020/11/15 12:17, Savu:   
Wouldn't an average of 80 IQ mean that there is something wrong with the tests? :)

2020/11/15 14:35, Roadkill:edited 1x   
@Savu: No. It would mean the test has a predefined average score of ~80 on a Z scale. Afaik no such test exists atm, at least not among the most widely used ones, though.

[submitted link]
World's biggest trading bloc, USA is excluded. Like I said 3 years ago,the real, decimating cost of Trump's devastation of the US economy and politics won't kick in until well after he's gone. Just like with Reagan.

[submitted link]

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