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2018/09/13 03:36, Grimble:   
Yea it is funny. More like sad. Funny/sad that people actually believe anything the fake news even says anymore, or any news for that matter. Everything is hyper-political and politically correct or politically incorrect every second. That is the new standard. Not is it factually correct but politically correct. Its the internet that makes it that bad. Back when news was the newspaper or even TV this sort of crap didn't take place. Most of you probably can't remember that era so its pointless to talk about it because it is here to stay. Its sad that the average person is so stupid these days. We maybe need a good old EMP or another Carrington Event to wipe out the electronic devices and electricity for a generation and make people sane again.

[submitted link]

2018/09/13 06:12, Savu:  edited 1x   
But they don't say Donald is to blame. They claim the is complicit because he has been fighting against any effort to curb climate change. What's up with reading skills nowadays?

It's certainly an overstatement because realistically there's nothing Donald could do to make THIS hurricane stronger or weaker, but he certainly is part of the same problem, therefore complicit. For the sake of not starting a debate over whether climate change is real or not I'll just state that the above was written considering that it is.

2018/09/13 09:54, Slevin:   
That article doesn’t blame Trump. I feel mislead!

2018/09/14 09:32, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
@Grimble if as you said everyone has chemical weapons, then why are you so sure it was Assad who used them on civilians, it could be anyone ( rebels, Kurds, Isis, Al Qaeda, ....) moreover Al Assad is already wining the war, so he has no reason to gas his own people,
It is the losing side of the conflict ,who has no other escape to get their head above water than this False chemical weapon excuse to get more help from Usa and allies.

Why do you think people don't believe official media any more? it is because there was so many media lies about WMD in Irak, and Gaddafi bombing his people , so how any sane person is supposed to believe again these warmongers claims after all the previous media-lies? You need for sure to explore many other sources, to not get deceived.

2018/09/14 15:42, Roadkill: 
@Bardock: it's ok. No worries.

Hope all of you US players are safe out of harm's way.

2018/09/15 01:39, Grimble:   
Ortansia - so you are saying because they didn't publish any findings of chemical weapons in Iraq than noone in the area has them now either?

I think there have been numerous reports over the years that Syria has used mustard gas and nerve gas on civilians. Sure maybe its all made up. I don't know for sure because I wasn't there, this is true. Maybe Syria doesn't even exist. Maybe we are all living in a simulation. Maybe the Earth is actually flat. I haven't been to Syria or space either so I guess I don't know firsthand if Syria is really there or the Earth is round.

Granted it was the UN who said Syria was using chemical weapons and we all know the UN is completely worthless and full of crap so you are probably right.

2018/09/15 20:48, Bardock:edited 2x   
Grimble how does it make any sense to help Al-Qaeda, Idlib is dominated by Al-Qaeda. We are literally protecting the same people who supposedly committed 9/1 against us. Do you honestly think Assad wants to risk an attack from America just to use chemical weapons? You gotta look deeper into this, Trump is going to be used like a pawn by the globalist to instigate another war to further destabilize the middle east, we have ot hope and pray Trump does not to do this, if he does its going to be chaos, the middle east is ripe for a revolution... we don't want this. There is absolutely no reason we need to be risking our people and resources to defend Al-Qaeda in Idlib. Let the Syrians and the Russians liberate it and the US needs to stay out.

Grimble just look at the facts of the Iraq war, they lied to us and had some young girl come on TV and say they killed a bunch of babies in incubators, it turned out to be a completely fabricated lie to sway the public into accepting and Iraqi invasion. Then there was the WMD narrative. Saddam was not a great guy but my Arabic friends from work who happen to be half Kurdish and from Iraq, said he was far better then the chaos they have now. They have ISIS now. The US has dismantled the middle east and taken out great leaders like Gadaffi. How can we support this as a people? Its simply lie after lie to keep the war machine going. The same intelligence agencies (literally the same people running it) that got us in those wars, is now literally funding and supporting The Free Syrian army, which are famously known for great things like decapitating 3 year old children and oh ya litearlly being Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra, who which by the way have all disbanded and rebranded to keep getting American funding.

Can you give a single justification why the US needs to be in Syria? There is literally no reasons our sons and daughters are fighting and dying in a war that just a proxy for the US and Iran And Saudi Arabia and Russia. Its not our job to be the world police, the chemical weapons narrative has kept us in wars since the Saddam days, there is no justification for these foreign wars and interventionism. The world is rightfully starting to see us war mongering invaders. Do you know how many millions of Iraqis are dead? Or Syrians for that matter.

I trusted Trump to pull us out these wars as he said, he said the very same things I am saying now about all these wars before he got elected, now he is listening to his war mongering generals and neo cons . The exact thing he said he would not do.

I am willing to give him a chance and hope he does not continue to help these Free Syrian army terrorist. If he continues to provoke war in Syria, he will not get a second vote from me. I cant support these wars. They are so evil and we have no business at all to be in them, why should our sons and daughters spill their blood for other shitty countries like Saudi Arabia, talk about the War in yemen right now , that's barely covered in the media, whats the justification in that one Grimble?

I support Trump but not blindly, not everything is fake news. I follow these wars super close. I am a big proponent in the Kurdish resistance movement. We don't need these wars, period. Come up with one single justification for any of these and the millions of kids dead.

2018/09/22 18:01, Savu:   
Not about America, but wow. The Chinese are living what Western politicians dream of:

[submitted link]

2018/09/23 05:19, Bardock:edited 5x   
sadly its only going to get worse, the draconian systems of China are just the beta test. They plan on making this a global system. I been warning about this stuff, what censorship brings. Once the it comes out of pandoras box it cannot go back in.

[submitted link]
Coup d'état? As I have been saying. I think if the deep state truly does depose Trump thats gonna be horrible for America, hate to say it but it would most likely be the catalyst for the next American civil war. People dont think it can happen but look all around the world. Its ripe for another global war. Its all constructed, They cant control Trump so they will do anything to get rid of him. Not even so much that I support Trump right now but im just predicting the future. I for one will not participate in a civil war, I would just retreat to my families property in the mountains.

2018/10/06 02:57, Grimble:   
Oh boy it looks like Kavanaugh is going to get confirmed tomorrow. Look out liberals he will get his revenge x 100 on your sorry asses lol. May the good Lord please let this man be a Supreme Court Justice for the next generation of Americans. Good times!

2018/10/06 08:46, Bardock: 
Grimble. are you concerned hes another authoritarian tho? He was a bush guy. I was not fond of Bush.

2018/10/07 19:28, Savu:   
Being somewhat mellow drunk on a Sunday evening I feel like you should replace your presidential debates with this format :)

[submitted link]

Going through a load of topics in a few hours gives a much better idea of what a person is and wants.

2018/10/08 05:04, Bardock:edited 2x   
Joe Rogan is my fav pod cast Savu!

I actually listened to that whole podcast around the time it came out, I went over it again after you posted it.

Whats your in opinions in the topics that Ben talked about Savu, would you tend to agree or disagree?

2018/10/08 07:23, Savu:   
Well, there were a lot of topics. I did agree with a lot though, especially on what he calls leftists.

I don't think we should go overboard with trying to accommodate people who are gender-confused. Same goes for people who need safe spaces etc. Basically it's their problem, we can provide help, but their problems does not mean that the whole world needs to change.

Violence in Universities to stop people speaking out ideas that conflict your own is another thing that I see as a huge problem. University is like THE place where you should expose people to different ideas.

Sex change should be called something else entirely because it does not do what the phrase claims. Leave the biological sex as it is and create a different attribute for describing whatever they create with the operation.

Anyway, like I said there was a lot of topics.

2018/10/15 20:18, Andróg:   
This is a pretty good take on AMERICUH! (and also the Saudis) - [submitted link]

2018/10/17 08:05, Bardock: 
Saudi Arabia is a terrible horrendous place, the world is a stage.

2018/10/19 19:01, Grimble:   
Back to your old rape arguments I ran across kind of an interesting set of mugshots here. Anyone see any similarities in these guys?

[submitted link]

2018/10/20 02:55, Slevin:   
20 brown guys over 7 years. Is that supposed to mean something significant?

2018/10/20 03:34, Bardock: 
I think more important, the censorship of politics from a governing body like the US with tech giants like Google whom have massive CIA investments.

2018/10/20 09:26, Ortansia:   
Nothing will happen With Saudi Arabia, King Soleyman they will pay money and the west will close eyes on the murder of the Journalist.

2018/10/21 22:15, Bardock: 
is anyone surprised the saudis are assassinating people? I dont think this is anything new, I can see CNN is obsessed with blaming Trump for the entire thing tho.

2018/10/24 08:26, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
I'm not surprised Al Saoud assassinat all those who criticize them, it is an obsolute theocractic monarchy, what is surprising is double standard of the west who trade their 'values' against oil. and try hard to paint Saudi Arabia as a modern monarchy to their public opinion.

At least canadian prime minister was brave enough to stand against Saudi abuse of humain right, and he didn't draw back from his position when Saudi Arabia started an aggressive compaign against Canada, which is not the case of Trump who is interested only in Saudi arabia money and oil, in exchange he close eyes Humain right abuse/

2018/10/24 16:34, Bardock: 
Yea they were pretty pissed at Canada. I totally agree with you on that one, not many stand up to that evil regime. Saudi Arabia is pretty bad , atleast they are letting women drive now , any progress is progress I guess
What would be an alternative leadership to suadi Arabia? I don't think there is one, it's a shame.

2018/10/27 13:43, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
To be honest I don't care about alternative leadership to Saudi Arabia, I only care about alternative leadership for the management of the two holy Cities (Mecca and Medina) known before as 'El Hidjaz', where Muslims all over the world go there to perform pilgrimage.

these two holy cities are under control of Saudi Arabia, which manage it as its own property where it is the property of all Muslims, Pilgrimage generate milliards of dollars incomes each year, they impose expensive Visa fees + other charges, which increased by 3 to compensate the economic loss from the fall of the price of oil, now the Visa fee for El Hadj is around 500 euros, which represents whole life saving for many Pilgrims.
Muslims all over the world, are unhappy that their money of pilgrimage are used by Al Saoud to wage war in Yemen, or used as Jizya paid to Trump in exchange of the protection of their throne. They don't spend Pilgrimage money for the good of Muslim world, but for their own interests, they only care about staying in power forever, and they are ready to pay whatever price to achieve that.

anyway Indonesia proposed a good Alternative to remove control of holy lands from Al Saoud, they suggested something like Vatican model, so these two Holy cities become a separate state, under the control and supervision of all Muslim communities, I think it is a good idea, but hard to achieve.

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