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News 2525: The Mountains of Mirkwood (Rogon) catchup  discussions

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2016/11/19 10:26, Rogon:   
Some first stuff for Emyn-nu-Fuin


Do not continue reading if you don't want potential spoilers!


Skip this message if you don't want any spoilers1


First player to enter Emyn-nu-Fuin: Teoli

First player to mobdie: Widders
First PK: Gorgoth killing Ditka (Fairly sure but not 100% it was the first)

First player to kill a Durbūk-hai commander: Xarfax
First player to kill the broodmother: Xarfax

First player to find the troll caves: Ahzem

First player to find Kral: Xarfax
First player to complete Kral's quest: Spork

First player to rip apart a vile fetish: Michio

First player to learn a new herblore: Vuldrak
First player to gain a dark aura: Marvolo

First player to find an opaque amuet: Svarten
First player to find a gleaming stone: Xarfax
First player to create a lambent amulet: Gravesh

First player to drink from the tributary of the enchanted river: Wick

First player to find Gwathion's lost equipment: Wick

First players to find a black-thorned wristband: Xarfax Bodom Fingers

First players to kill the scarred fell beast: Xarfax Cevon Rilmamir

Honorable mentions:
First player to open the entrance to the fell lair, but not notice they did so: Estan

First player to kill a mob with a black-thorned wristband, but not notice they did so and thus not loot it: Michio

2016/11/20 16:33, Fieldy:   
Fun info, thanks!

2016/11/20 19:13, Orktank: 
@Rogon: can you maybe give us a hint if there are any other secrets not found? :)

2016/11/21 00:15, Sparticus: 
Well I managed to be the first person pk'd!

2016/11/21 13:31, Rogon:   
No, I'm obviously not going to tell you that!

2016/11/21 14:28, Antti: 
I bet there are new achievements!

2016/12/19 19:19, Neamir: 
Well it's been two months now :-). Again, thanks to everyone who worked hard on these new zones, I've really enjoyed playing and mapping them.

Open Questions:

- Has anyone figured out if the lambent amulet is useful for anything other than detect magic? You don't have to share any details here, just curious if there is any more secrets to this item?

- There are a few swamp/forest areas with a new type of random exit. You see a muddle message to the effect of 'You feel confused and move along, randomly'. Has anyone figured out whether it is possible to mitigate this effect at all, or whether it is truly random? Afaict from my limited exploration, high Track skill did not seem to help.

- The entrance to the Troll caves involves a muddle transition, which seemed to confuse mmapper. I ended up mapping it with pencil and paper (it's not that complicated), but has anyone figured out how to get this to work in mmapper?

Thanks all, and happy holidays.

2016/12/20 17:31, Antti: 
After going through an exit that mmapper cannot follow, like the one you mentioned:
- Create a new room vie 'Rooms/Create New Rooms'
- Select the newly created room (becomes red)
- Click 'Force Path Machine to selected Room'

2017/05/30 13:47, Teoli: 
Anybody has understood what was happening in the Whispering Grotto, with crystal rock visible and message about orbs and lights coming through the Western wall?
Something for darkie only?

I'm pretty sure there is something to do there, but don't know what. Any hint?

2017/05/30 15:54, Fieldy:   
- The best use I have found for lambent amulet is doing Moria wgate quest without praccing detect magic : )
- I think those rooms are totally random.

Hmm, gotta check that Whispering Grotto place : P

2017/05/30 16:09, Spork:   
Personally I like using the lambent amulet with my troll and zaug to find signs of enemies in the field. Can keep a troll from stumbling into trouble and can help a zaug find prey.

2017/06/03 14:50, Pilois:   
I know some old things have been changed/new items added. Is there an updated item list anywhere?

2017/06/03 14:50, Pilois:   
I know some old things have been changed/new items added. Is there an updated item list anywhere?

2017/06/05 14:11, Ghanic:

2020/10/15 07:44, Rogon:   
When we kept track of these 'firsts' for who did what etc, was that something people enjoyed? Asking for a friend who might open some zones at some point.

2020/10/15 10:32, Slampen: 

2020/10/15 10:51, Fieldy:   
Yeah, of course. I am still trying to find new stuff there for myself :D

2020/10/15 12:12, Erandis: 
@Rogon - Yes!

2020/10/15 16:39, Neamir: 
Yes, for sure! I was taking a break from full time employment when Emyn was unexpectedly announced, and I had an absolute blast exploring it and sharing info with other adventurers. It was really fun to see myself listed above!

2020/10/16 10:53, Rogon:   
Alright, seems it was somewhat popular at least.

Rest assured that if we were to open some zones at some point, like this evening or whenever, we'd have a list of firsts we'd keep track of.

2020/10/16 11:12, Breaux: 
ooh this evening huh! exciting!

2020/10/16 19:17, Roadkill: 
Rogon, I would like to add my voice to those that loved having the firsts listed. It adds a lot of colour, in my opinion.

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