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2011/11/21 21:26, Nockurzh:edited 1x   
What, thought that guy was dead...

Edit, how can i see the interview:P? no link to it on his name

2011/11/21 21:50, Kaspar:   
[submitted link]

2011/11/21 22:11, Antti: 
Added Norsu's link to hall of fame page.
Independently of links in the page's main body, you can reach all L100 interviews from the page list on the left hand side, they are visible under hall of fame.

2011/11/22 10:03, Azazello: 
'The only mortal character that is listed on the list of immortals (view wizretired).'

I've been on the list for several months or something. :-)

2011/11/22 15:27, Ramangth: 
Antti, your site is throwing an error on the Norsu page, along with every other page I tried.

2011/11/23 17:32, Tollin:   
I'll repeat the offer one more time, very willing and able to host that site. even get a real domain for it

if someone is interested

2011/12/22 07:32, Hector:edited 1x   
Doh... ive been soo out of touch that i didnt even notice that someone offered to host this site :)

And i think we have missed one level 100 char :

[submitted link]
PS. email to about hosting this site

2011/12/22 10:01, Antti: 
Editorial staff has not missed him, put (p) Smrtihlav was unresponsive for this topic, plus nowadays he logs in quite rarely I think.
Concerning the other missing characters, one L100'er said that interview is not possible at this point of time, and three other ones have accepted the interview, got the questions, but have not answered anything. I do not want to ask (spam) a million times though, so let's see.

BTW: how do you produce the URL when you want to refer to specific logs? :)

2011/12/22 10:13, Hector: 
This elvenruens page has been set up in such fashion that the image on the left side is the actual page and the menu and contents are in a Frame.

If you would, for example, right click on arglebarge on menun and choose to open it in a new tab, then you will get the contents of the frame without the left side design element. From that point on you will see the actual url of each page.

2011/12/22 14:25, Antti: 

2012/11/28 10:57, Antti: 
Added Tan, thanks for the interview!
[submitted link]

2013/07/25 16:09, Antti: 
Added Genka, thanks for the interview!
[submitted link]

2013/07/25 16:54, Tollin:   
Hector, can you please email me thanks

2013/07/25 18:47, Dracol:   

2013/07/26 17:46, Breaux:edited 1x   
Yes indeed, I also just learned that recently. I was shocked, thought xefar was long gone!

Great interview btw, thanks!

2013/07/27 08:17, Granvil: 
Yeah good stuff Antti! And post the OB HPs Genka :)

2013/11/17 09:58, Antti: 
Added Genka's OB/hps.

2013/11/21 07:01, Kenzu:   
Getting an error when trying to access the page now. :(

Which sucks, because I read them the other day.

2014/03/13 21:46, Antti: 
Hector! A mumer just contacted me who wanted to visit and was disappointed to find out that site is down. Reboot the server please?

2014/03/19 02:27, Babineaux:   
Yeah I haven't been on mume in many years and was really interested to read these. Was really disappointed with the site down :c

2014/03/19 11:42, Hector: 
Owwyeah. Sorry folks. If anything like this happens - you can find my e-mail in my elvenrunes profile. Let me know.

In this case - i switched hosting provider and apparently forgot to put this site up. I have all files and database backed up, so getting the site up again during this evening should not be a problem :)

2014/03/19 22:03, Hector: 
Apparently getting this stuff up is proving to be bit more difficult than i expected. Things have changed alot since i started the project, and undoing such amount of bad code takes a while :P

2014/04/09 21:03, Some:  edited 1x   
Not working :(

2014/07/03 19:41, Ehm:   

2014/07/04 18:29, Tollin:   
if anyone has the info or perhaps even the pages, i am willing to put up a website for it, if someone else maintains it and sets it up, iow I provide a webserver with plenty space and a nice domain


2014/07/05 09:12, Hector:edited 1x   

yeah, i know i have been horribly lazy and otherwise evil person. Slacker and very inconsiderate of everybody's feelings and so on:). Antti bugged me about this yesterday too.

So since my vacation started yesterday i got my ass moving and got the project up and running locally. And today, starting from this very moment i will be working on getting it up and running at [submitted link]

I do not plan to switch hosting services anytime soon (I quite like this, so this site could remain up and running for very long time. The only reason the site went offline was that i switched hosting provider and i was too lazy to put it up again at new hosting. If anybody feels like they are willing to do better job, then i am willing to turn over all the code, database export and design files. You can also expect my full cooperation getting this site up and running at your hosting provider.

Always good to start vacation working on hobby projects, ain't it? :D

PS. my e-mail address is on my profile page - feel free to contact me when you feel like you need to curse me for my lazyness :D

2014/07/05 11:00, Hector:edited 1x   
Rejoice! After grueling (almost) 2 hours wrestling with server configration (forgotten how to use apache & virtualenvs after using nginx for a while) i got it all working! Magic!

bug reporting on, so if you encouter yellow/grey page with lot of text somewhere - please do e-mail me about it. Please include what you were doing, and link of the page.

Also - all your passwords should be working since all data was copied from database to database and crypt keys were left the same. If you have forgotten password then please - drop me an e-mail about it.

2017/07/08 12:31, Rik: 
time for another interview: Shiv!

2017/07/08 12:33, Rik: 
and maybe a reboot of hector's server too!

2018/07/20 21:02, Genka:  edited 1x   
Im deleted from lvl 100 list?
That was only reason to level up... who want to own Genka character?

2018/07/21 07:52, Odoinn:   
What is it with zombie threads on ER nowadays? First the Timodeus reroll from 2014, now this! The past is past, guys: just let it go.

2018/07/21 20:29, Genka:   
yes your...right

2018/08/19 15:52, Tollin:   
Happy to offer web or shell to put up a new page for this if someone wants to create it, even have a domain ready :P

2018/09/13 00:14, Genka:   

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