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2013/01/30 09:35, Benedictus:   
'Select object'-> drag all over the area of infomark -> choose the correct one -> edit. It's not that hard ,)

2013/01/30 10:02, Belamir: 
Ah. There is no such thing as 'select object' - but click and drag for 'edit info marks' does indeed allow you to modify all info marks in the resulting box.


2013/01/30 14:48, Benedictus:   
Welcome! The info mark system is a bit awkward, I am sure there is a way to search for them, I never really looked tho.. Maybe there's a txt file somewhere in the mmapper folder? Most of my infomark names are along the lines of 'sfjsd;gljk' - just mashing buttons, so it wouldnt be useful. Maybe there's a way to search for them according to the actual text that appears on map? that would be useful..

Btw did anyone get that problem where sometimes the infomark characters are distorted and unreadable? Like for example GC dirs i've written out on the map 'SWENESWS' or whatever but sometimes the program distorts them and I can't see dirs, other times they work fine.

2013/01/30 16:01, Belamir: 
I have noticed that distortion - the last time it happened, I restarted mapper and it fixed itself.

Considering the info marker names are 'global' (it won't let me make two identically named info markers), I'd expect there to be some way to search through that list. But I haven't found it!

2013/01/31 15:28, Cab: 
By distortions you mean something like this? [submitted link]
From minor fuck-ups to something bigger. Doesn't change nothing most of the time, prolly hasn't ever but still a bit bothersome.

2013/01/31 20:13, Belamir: 
Yes, exactly like that. Mine fixed itself after I restarted mmapper.

2013/02/07 16:09, Belamir: 
Another question:

Under configuration -> parser -> move force patterns, nothing happens when I click on the 'add pattern' button. Not only do I want to add some of these, but I accidentally deleted one, and now I can't get it back!

2013/02/25 17:33, Faint: 
hmms... for some reason i cannot connect through mapper today, has worked before, didnt change anything, i just cant put in my password...:
*( CW>#Connection terminated by user
#Connecting to remote host.
#Remote hosts address:
#Trying to connect..
Connected to remote host

Welcome to MMapper! Type _help for help.

*** MUME VIII ***

In progress at FIRE
(Free Internet Roleplay Experiences)
Adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth world and
maintained by CryHavoc, Manwe, and Nada.

Original code DikuMUD I (help credits), created by:
S. Hammer, T. Madsen, K. Nyboe, M. Seifert, and H.H. Staerfeldt.

If you have never played MUME before, type NEW to create a new character,
or ? for help. Otherwise, type your account or character name.

By what name do you wish to be known?

By what name do you wish to be known? XXXXX


Any ideas? can connect to mume just fine if i dont go through mapper

2013/02/25 18:24, Faint: 
Nvm, im a retard

2018/08/16 04:56, Thanik:  edited 1x   
Anyone have any idea how I would build from source on windows?

Doh ignore me. I guess winbuild.bat probably has something to do with it..... bright spark right here.

2018/08/17 21:36, Jahara: 
@Thanik Instructions are on the wiki: [submitted link]

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