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Diffrent troll stats ? catchup  discussions

2005/03/01 00:01, Ezikiel: 
hi everyone, was wondering something

troll stats ? max str con high dex wil ?

or is it worth trying to get some kinda tracking skills thus wasting lots of str / con ?

would love to hear some troll opinions

2005/03/01 00:02, Thurge: 
Dex, always go for dex! :P

2005/03/01 00:04, Andróg:   
Also keep in mind to have at least 12 in both wis and int.

2005/03/01 00:05, Ezikiel: 
yeah for bob isuppose... maybe get an offensive spell to? :) fast one? or harm for bash harm combo hear its leathal :D

2005/03/01 00:08, Thurge: 
On a more serious note, it's perfectly acceptable to go without tracking, however you'll often wish you had the stats/pracs for it. Usually weapons trolls drop a few pracs into it, and can afford to since you can only put 23 or so pracs into each weapon skill. Destroy managed to have decent track and unarmed, though I've no idea how he did it. :P

2005/03/01 00:08, Andróg:   
Nah, ask Thurge, it's all about the hiding trolls with backstab and stored calls nowadays!! ;)

2005/03/01 00:10, Ezikiel: 
hehe i know its a silly thread but would feel waste of time to level troll to legend with tracking stats only to figgure out it sucks!

2005/03/01 00:23, Thurge: 
Shouldn't take you more than a week to get a legend. Less for a lesser olog.

Yes, Andróg! Sneaky sneaky! :)

2005/03/01 00:40, Sogard: 
Weapon ologs suck, you might have higher ob, and defense that's not in the single digits, but your damage wont be nearly as good!

A couple people I've seen love to use a crosbow when their target's bashed, and swear that the damage is insane, but i've nevr noticed it... :P

2005/03/01 00:42, Cagim: 
I have a weaponolog with track! we rocked arda back in the days when we could mend eq :(

2005/03/01 00:43, Frenzy:   
Track is kind of useful for working out where the pukes are hiding. But you won't do shit for damage if you have low str unarmed troll. So be a weapontroll, and just make sure you have enough track to see a few ticks old tracks, you don't need 130% track.

If you don't wanna be a weapontroll, I'd say skip track. Only seen 2 unarmed trackers that could hurt stuff, and I don't know how they did it either. One troll had 650hps, hit like a truck, and had 90% track. Either no dex or no wil I guess, and neither is a very good idea.

Str con wil dex for unarmed, con wil dex str for weapontroll is what I think. I think it was Devastator who said never play a troll with less than 14 dex or something? Maybe it was 12 dex.

2005/03/01 00:52, Ezikiel: 
ill just make one of each iguess work nights and have nothing else todo then to play anyways!

2005/03/01 00:58, Thurge: 
Most likely 12, Frenzy. 14 is just one less than max. :P

2005/03/01 02:25, Monster: 
max str con, 13dex 12 wil, fuck track !:)

2005/03/01 02:35, Thurge: 
You tell 'im, Monster! :P

2005/03/01 02:52, Frenzy:   
12 dex 13 wil!

2005/03/01 05:15, Sogard: 
Cant go wrong with max strength, max con, and 12/13 dex, rest into wil.

2005/03/01 05:44, Argle:   
Perhaps track is not so necessary when declaring Fornost trolltown with 7 other ologs.

2005/03/01 05:52, Thurge: 
You'd be surprised. :P

2005/03/01 08:39, Yugga:   
Tracker or Whacker - take yer pick!

2005/03/01 09:10, Araxc:   
Tracker can be whacker!
91% track and i can still whack two legend dwarves at the same time =) (warrior and ?cleric?)
*Nod self*
Had one wild dog to help but still...

2005/03/01 10:14, Höng:   
I got 94 track and 97% unarmed, -1 con and -4 strength though...

2005/03/01 10:46, Valus: 
if i would get troll i will make pure smiter troll.
i think get 2 more troll friends and make 3 smiter troll group. What a fun would it be :)

2005/03/01 11:04, Rogon:   
If you want to run around and track your targets and stuff, you're better off playing an orc.

Trolls are warriors who never quit! Maximum hit points and barehand! No eq needed! Just go somewhere and make a stand to the death!

2005/03/01 13:14, Frenzy:   
Start levelling then Valus! I got my smiter troll on the way. Barehand trolls are ok in groups, but the extra ob from using a weapon more than makes up for the lost damage I think. Barehand trolls just can not hit a puke with defence, and a puke with defence is usually protecting the ones with no defence. 2.troll can of course, if he doesn't get melee for 10 minutes straight.

2005/03/01 15:59, Sogard: 
Exactly rogon. If you want to stalk your prey, on use weapons, troll isnt for you!

Unless you're setup like Nightstorm. :P

2005/03/01 20:08, Frenzy:   
Barehand trolls are way overrated.

There was 2 half elves #1 and #2 puke warlord for a few weeks, cleric and his defwarrior bodyguard. No one could hit that warrior, he would dodge bashes engaged to multiple ologs. Anyway, Secret logs on one day, helped my little troll get fgc from Ushurg. We run into those two, whack whack whack! 3 pounds, bad warrior. That's something no unarmed troll could do, and they tried.

If you smite or pound you will do less damage, hit slower, and have to spend longer re equipping, but you will have better ob.

My dwarf just sits there and laughs at barehand trolls as the first one misses, the second one gets melee, the third one misses, I flee and walk back to say hi. Pimba and Bimba took him bad in about 7-8 smites.

You could always level your barehand troll to 50 of course, then you'll have no difficulty hitting most warriors :P

2005/03/02 00:34, Monster: 
but thats kinda pointless..

2005/03/02 00:38, Frenzy:   
That was the message I was trying to get across ;)

2005/03/04 08:48, Roadkill: 
Both Roadkill and Rockbelly had track and unarmed. Rockbelly back in the day, of course, but Roadkill after that.

I also have a conc/slash+tracking troll, but never had much fun with it in pk though xping sure was easy and nice.

It'd be interesting to play a smiter troll, have always been meaning to level one but don't have the time to play these days.

It would only be interesting for the first 2 days though, until the (glowing) groups show up. Making powerdef chars is so easy that it's made the game boring. For me, at least. And by powerdef I don't just mean high db/pb. There's also sanct and protect (as well as absorb) to consider. Boring stuff. Even I got tired playing an ultradef thief.

I always wanted to bring back the original Morphine, the piercing troll, though. :-)

2005/03/04 18:27, Thurge: 
Assar and I ran around warrens xping with piercing weapons the other day. That was awesome. :P

2005/11/17 09:04, Misfit: 
they key is unarm, track, spears!?!

2005/11/17 09:53, Azazello: 
sneak, hide, store and teleport are the keys, dude.

2005/11/17 10:05, Misfit: 
nods *azazello*

2018/09/09 17:45, Hobbithater:   
Just did a small test, what would be the smallest troll (and maybe could wear some elf/man gear)? Probably not, but still fun:

Hobbitmuncher 7,6
Hobbitslayer 7,1
Hobbitmasher 7,3
Hobbitbasher 7,0
Hobbiteater 7,2
Hobbitcrusher 6,8
Hobbitsmasher 7,1
Hobbitwacker 7,2
Hobbitdestroyer 6,9
Hobbitstrangler 6,11
Hobbitzapper 6,8
Hobbitmassacre 6,9
Hobbitcrucifier 7,0
Hobbitexecuter 7,0
Hobbitslaughter 7,3
Hobbitwipeout 7,2
Hobbitsacrificer 6,10
Hobbitbiter 6,9
Hobbitgobbler 7,2
Hobbitnibbler 7,1
Hobbiteraser 6,8
Hobbitmurderer 6,11
Hobbitsniffer 7,0
Hobbitkicker 6,5 <--- winner
Hobbitharbinger 7,0
Hobbitsmacker 6,9
Hobbitsmiter 7,2
Hobbitcracker 7,0
Hobbitpuncher 6,9
Hobbikiller 6,11
Hobbitslapper 6,11
Hobbitswatter 6,11
Hobbitshocker 6,11
Hobbitdecimater 6,8
Hobbitspooker 6,9
Hobbitshaker 6,10
Hobbitattacker 7,0
Hobbitflayer 7,1
Hobbitthrower 7,1
Hobbitmaimer 7,2
Hobbitreaper 7,3
Hobbitbruiser 7,1
Hobbitdamager 6,9
Hobbitmutilator 7,1
Hobbithitter 6,9
Hobbitmauler 6,10
Hobbitstriker 6,9
Hobbittorturer 6,6
Hobbitharmer 7,0
Hobbitdefiler 7,1


2018/09/19 23:28, Dagoth:   
Just messing around with an unarmed troll that can track a little. I'm not trying to make the perfect troll and probably wont play it seriously.....with that being said how are these stats? I want to be able to track a bit.

Str:25 Int:8 Wis:4 Dex:13 Con:22 Wil:13 Per:10

2018/09/20 06:47, Carl: 
The absolute minimum in int/wis/per is good enough for troll track. Best way to play troll is to just focus on being an absolute monster unarm troll until you're high enough level to get track as well. Don't bother with track until you're very high legend. You'll have to give up max endurance etc. but its worth it. Carl is able to track almost as fast as 100% trackers if the tracks are fresh enough.

2018/09/20 07:14, Dagoth:   
Thanks. What stats do you have on Carl?

2018/09/20 11:41, Elestir:   
There are however some limitations. It seems that certain terrain types have some minimal requirements for you to be able to track there. E.g. for frozen rivers, you probably need at least 80% (not sure if this applies for bloody track as well).

2018/09/20 20:14, Roadkill: 
I did not know that. Cool feature.

2018/09/21 10:36, Carl: 
Have fun making your own stats! The 'perfect' set doesn't exist. My stats in order of importance go Con/Str/Dex/Wil. Max con, don't max str. Your dex/wil ratio will depend on how much you hate blind, how low you're willing to drop str and playstyle. Some trolls will have more wil and some less. If you go for 0 wil then you'll need to be very high level before you start saving blinds at a 'reasonable' rate.

Arguments that say unarmed are terrible for OB are silly. Trolls need maybe ~8 pracs in smite before its useable enough for solo pk out west.
+with the new smiting weapon that has keep at bay properties, jeeeezus is it worth it. Mobs that can't hit you are everywhere. (easy solo xp mode)

2018/09/21 11:19, Svarten:   
Stats look fine to me although I personally favor dex wil over con for a slight edge in hit power and dodging/saving some nasty spells.

There is however such a thing as having too much hit power. You may want to be the troll equivalent of a gimp in order to get into more fights. IMO this is what tracker trolls with mediocre physical stats do best.

2018/09/21 13:44, Elfsmasher: 
I got:
track 27/27 90% Normal You know as much as I do

Str:23 Int:9 Wis:5 Dex:12 Con:21 Wil:12 Per:13
Str:26(24) Int:9 Wis:4 Dex:13 Con:22 Wil:13 Per:13.

2018/09/22 15:44, Dagoth:   
Thanks so much for the details Elfsmasher.

Newb question but what is the base/live difference? Why are they different?

2018/09/23 08:54, Elfsmasher: 
Base is what you pick when you create a char - this is what your skill % are based on. Live is after age effects and training.

2018/09/24 15:49, Eldaril: 
Also, 'live' stats are important as they affect various checks in the game.

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