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2014/04/05 20:57, Berdo: 
I'm not yet sure of goblins is back. First, the Blog Post That Explains has not yet shown up and a part of all this seems to have been connected to 'being totally overworked' - on that front, nothing changes when Thunt stays on the schedule from before the breakdown.

But OotS is back. Yai! And with a more detailed art style on top of this. This is good!

2014/04/06 02:02, Cedrim: 
I like the OotS art update. But I'm afraid that the comic will update even less frequently because of that. More detailed art = more time to draw a panel.

2014/04/06 07:39, Berdo: 
You do not have to be 'afraid' of that. We can be pretty certain of that.

I hope Rich worked through a lot of the remaining kickstarter-stuff during the hiatus so at least that vanishes from the Todo...

2014/04/09 08:25, Kitto: 

2014/04/09 10:09, Devastator: 
Hmm, without reading the forum, my guess was pretty accurate... we'll see what happens then. OotS is updating very slowly, but looking forward to it.

2014/04/09 18:02, Berdo:edited 5x   
Actually, the last OotS-update was rather quick.

I do not get the 'Thor's Nuts!' thing. Why are those words that Durkon would say here? Or is it supposed to mean the Wrong Durkon used the wrong words now, as the real Durkon would never doubt Thor in that way?
In any case, that scene does not work for me. The story in general works fine, it totally makes sense Thor attempts to 'sink' the airship before the High Priest of Hel can interfere...

And as for goblins I was right: The much-announced blog post has not yet shown up, so Thunt is at risk of vanishing again. The drawing he posted is pretty messed up. That guy really has serious issues if that represents his mental state...

2014/04/10 05:48, Thurge: 
The previous OOTS strip is where 'Thor's nuts!' comes from; it's what one of the dwarves in Durkon's memory said.

You can't go about making guesses about Goblins yet! Just don't make any sudden movements or you might scare him away! Ssshhh!

2014/04/10 18:03, Nepenthe:   
We don't know yet whether Thor is trying to stop the Mechane, or if it's just a mundane thunderstorm.

I've loved every art upgrade over the years, and most of the current upgrade, except for the fleshy changes to the hands/arms/legs. It just seems to emphasize how freaky-looking they are compared to the rest of the bodies. Roy looks like he's wearing blue tights. If Rich changed the hands to flesh-colored circles with stick fingers instead of the pitchforks, and made heavy armor more apparent on the limbs, I think it'd go over much better.

2014/04/14 06:33, Devastator: 
Still nothing on Goblins... and OotS slow as ever :-(

2014/04/22 14:04, Berdo: 
But it really seems Elan is on his way to make Banjo some sort of minor god and getting his first level as cleric.

He's influencing all kinds of people around to actually, in a small way, *believe* in Banjo. At least in some D&D worlds that is how gods are created and we do know that some mortals ascended in the OOTS-world that way (the elven gods and The Dark One are specifically mentioned).

Goblins, yeah... I hope Thunt spends his time with someone professional. No matter the comic but based even on what we know he's in way over his head (in whatever is going on).

2014/04/24 13:28, Roadkill: 
Just read the Goblins blog and skimmed the forum. It does look less than good. Just going by what Thunt himself has said, there certainly seem to be some panic issues which may or may not be stress-related, and the sleep deprivation coupled with the 'edgy' look of things would make me look to exclude any indications of a mood disorder - primarily bipolar.

I really hope he is getting some decent help.

2014/04/24 14:28, Devastator: 
Yeah, regarding the regular posts in which he felt he had to come back to his behavior on Twitter (intarwebz... geez...) and stuff, he doesn't seem the most stable person in the world :-P

We will see. Enjoying the upgrade on the graphics of OotS a lot, actually.

2014/04/24 14:40, Berdo: 
I also like the art upgrade a lot. And as he's going to get better over time I very much look forward to how the art style is going to evolve over the next 100 to 200 strips.

This of course means we should get used to a 'once every 10+ days on average' schedule.

2014/04/24 22:00, Nepenthe:   
Even if Banjo achieved true godhood, I don't think that Elan has the wisdom score to cast any cleric spells, so there'd be no reason for him to take an actual level in it.

2014/06/07 11:03, Berdo: 
OotS: The new art style is good, but the slow update schedule is killing it for me. I also very much dislike Durkon's story, the longer it runs the more and more I dislike it.
Durkon needed character development but this scene now keeps consisting of the same (undeveloped) Durkon we had since #1 and he's seeing powerless how stuff happens around him. It would have been MUCH more interesting if he actually had been a vampire who has to question himself now.
I think I mentioned before I hate 'Doppelganger' and 'Posessed' Plots that stretch longer than a very few pages.

Goblins seems to be MIA, at least Thunt has a psychiatrist. But that he thinks he has to share that casually on twitter is probably part of his problem. That's what 'Lack of RL' does to you, folks. I just hope he'll get better, he seemed like a nice person (even if socially a bit awkward at times).

I pretty much like the development on Flipside, Maytag hits something she cannot just smile away or pretend it's not there.

I cannot remember and am too lazy to look it up: was anyone here reading Gunnerkrigg Court?

2014/06/07 17:54, Cedrim: 
I told you so!!! :D Yeah the schedule sucks, need to remind myself what the story was each time when reading a new OOTS comic.
Actually I think the last comic gave a hint about Durkon's character development direction. The part where false-Durkon rambles about The Rules, how much Durkon values them. Durkon will probably change so that he will not abide by the Rules so much anymore. Also this is how he will overcome the false-Durkon: some sort of rule bending, which is also part of his character development.

Yes, the last of Flipside is good, the story is gaining momentum again.

2014/06/08 12:42, Berdo: 
I agree that this is going to be the direction. 'Question the rules proposed', so far Durkon has eaten everything he was served (right from the start where he was told to 'leave and never come back until we call you').

Yet, so far we've seem him powerless and 'the very same as before'. What this comic states is that 'Durkon will have to free himself, it won't get resolved by the rest of the team'. That's a good approach - but does not change the fact the story (around him) is quite boring.
That the last story was *also* good but *also* a bit shallow because 'Elan, Nale and Family' had lived too long already isn't improving it.

A webcomic lives from 'regular updates', depending of the complexity once or twice a week. If it cannot do that, the author must either hire help (colours, whatever) or face the fact the webcomic isn't flowing and actually annoying to read.

2014/06/08 17:41, Cedrim: 
'leave and never come back until we call you' -- where was that?

What I liked was how Durkon and the false-Durkon were looking out of the eyeballs, which were like big blue windows.

Overall, the story is boring, yes.
I liked it much more at the beginning, when Rich was improvising much more, making hilarious jokes right and left. I would rather choose the poor graphics of back then and the update rate of 2-3 times a week. I think all this careful planning and preparing in advance of every comic update is one reason that is killing it.

Funny that for a time period The Noob was updating more frequently of the comics that I follow than either The OOTS or Goblins. And if you know how often The Noob updates...

2014/06/08 17:57, Berdo: 
In the prequel book(s), it's the reason he left the Dwarfen Lands in the first place. So far it has been hinted at in the online comic.

The High Cleric of Odin received a prophecy: 'When Durkon will next come home, he will bring Death and Destruction'.
So the idiots thought the best way to ensure that never happens, knowing how lawful Durkon was and that he would follow any and every order given, was to send him as 'Ambassador to the Human Lands' and ordered him to 'not come back until we call', without having any plan to actually do that.

There are actually many theories what that prophecy will make true. Durkon dies and the Order of the Stick carries him back, not aware of his orders. Durkon being a Vampire and bringing the (clerical) Domains of Death and Destruction. Durkon coming home and being followed by Xykon (who is basically Death and Destruction). etc etc etc.

In fact, I do not think the story is boring per se. I like what is done with the characters and all that makes sense. But the story does have low parts or parts that do not work on this slow pace. A quicker pace would suck me more in and I could go over quicker over these parts here.
The entire desert-thing stretched itself over... aaaggges... now we're seeing that doppelganger-posessed-thing... I am no fan of that, but if it would run faster, it'd be much less annoying.
I remember I was very annoyed by the original run of Miko's story, but when re-reading it afterwards it makes a very good story.

I guess it is partly similar here. Just much slower than 'back then'.

2014/06/09 12:50, Devastator: 
Same here, annoyed with OotS slow updates and page-long boring story (I thought the long story arc was finished and something interesting would develop but I don't see anything interesting...). And Goblins is going to be MIA for a long time, I'm afraid. Gonna have to look for some other webcomics...

2014/06/09 16:21, Berdo: 
Gunnerkrigg Court
oglaf (NSFW! but smart and funny)
Darths & Droids (not that good, but good enough)

2014/06/09 16:52, Savu:   
Oglaf is friggin' awesome. Still, the brightest strip to come from there is totally safe for work.
[submitted link]

2014/06/10 00:25, Cedrim: 
Twokinds. Anybody else following it?

2014/06/12 11:00, Devastator: 
Haha Oglaf is brilliant!! Thanks :-D

2014/06/12 17:48, Berdo:edited 1x   
I really do not want to sound grumpy but the current OotS would have worked well if the thing updated twice or so a week. Waiting 10 days or so for this is a bit 'meh'... well, one can hope...

2014/06/28 15:11, Berdo:edited 1x   
New comic: 'Priceless'.
Waiting for 15 days for that: 'Meh'.

2014/06/30 07:12, Savu:   
Been really slow always, but ever since the graphics update it's just abysmal. What's worse is that it doesn't really make much sense. It is a stick figure comic. Giving it it better graphics is like hiring a CGI team for Dogville. Does not compute.

2014/06/30 17:21, Berdo: 
It's understandable the author wanted to develop himself. But I wish he had just started a second webcomic that updates once per month or every two month with kickass art - and OotS was left as it was.
While the new art is obviously better, I think it adds not much to what OotS was. It's still stick art and as stick art goes, the old style was doing a perfect job. Well... it's not my comic and business. I only know I prefer it to update more often, those strips Rich is doing simply don't work for a comic that updates once a week, not even mentioning once every two. Well...

2014/06/30 19:10, Cedrim: 
Rich has said earlier (some years ago when commenting on slow updates) that its not drawing that takes time but the dialogues. So maybe the graphic update is just an elaborate ruse to hide the fact that he has become lazy or demotivated :)

2014/07/01 04:51, Berdo: 
He still has a rather big kickstarter backlog, I assume he is also working on that and is going to surprise us by announcing one day 'All done at once, folks!'

But that the 'more complex art' is not adding a day or three to the time the comic finishes is something I cannot believe.

2014/08/30 17:55, Berdo:edited 1x   
With today's update I can say: I'm reading a comic that once was good simply because it once was good. Meh. ;(

2014/08/31 16:29, Cedrim:edited 1x   
Slow updates are killing the story. Does the author understand it though? He should see the visitor numbers of his website - a good indicator of readers' interest.

Reading a book (say a thriller) exactly one page at a time every day before sleep is what this is like to. Or maybe like playing a turn based MUME.

I now have a picture in my mind of turning some mundane activity, like eating and conversing in a dinner table into turn-based, with long pauses in-between, that would last for days.

2014/09/16 06:18, Soart: 
For seven months, the world of Goblins has slept.
On sept. 17, the world will awaken and the silence will end.
Woop woop!

2014/09/19 07:18, Thurge: 
HolyshitwhatthefuckAWESOOOOMMMEEE! =D

2014/09/24 18:43, Savu:   
Nice to have goblins back but I really hope this isn't the planned update rate. Otherwise neither of the 2 comics get anywhere :(

2014/10/10 18:57, Savu:   
That update didn't take long at all :D

2014/10/11 02:53, Thurge: 
Compared to the last one, no. =P

2014/10/11 18:54, Savu:   
Can someone explain that picture tho. Some kind of a demon?

2014/10/16 07:38, Berdo: 
No one knows, I fear. But I suspect something as this:

We know that Kore is the remaining Paladin of those who imprisoned the Demon in the Axe of Prissan. We know they used rather nasty means to do so.
It seems to me that those 'means' bit Kore in the butt, and the Demon is only partly trapped in the axe, it's basically split in two. The first part is in Kore, the other in the Axe.
The demon wants to be free again and we know that his prison - the axe - will break if the axe is used to commit evil. Kore commits a lot of evil, we have to admit that.
What I think is happening is this: The demon in Kore uses Kores soul to 'be' a paladin, it twisted it, and is in search for the axe. Then it will let Kore's twisted soul commit his evil with the axe, to break it.

The connection 'Demon' and 'Kore's Soul' seems legit, as the demon collects the souls of all the creatures it kills.

No idea if the theory is hitting it but I'm very certain it at least goes very clearly in this direction. At least it explains how Kore can use Paladin-powers while doing all this is evil: Kore's Soul, that is used here, never became evil itself (and probably screams and fights internally) - it just is used as a (not falling) tool by the demon.

2015/05/10 10:07, Jotne: 
Vote for Goblins comic! Button is on Goblins site.

2015/05/12 09:31, Thurge: 
Read Goblins comic! Comic is on Goblins site.

2015/05/15 06:32, Imago: 
That feeling when you haven't read OOTS in like 8 months and realize you have a whole hour of comics ahead of you!


2015/05/28 12:24, Devastator: 
Yeah that's nice! I waited with reading comics for quite a while as well, love the 'update time' ;-)

2015/05/28 12:30, Devastator: 
Oh yeah, in that sense: lots to read at Gunnerkrigg Court! Thanks Berdo for the reminder :-D

2019/10/15 12:37, Savu:   
In other news: R.I.P. Erfworld

2020/10/08 04:17, Osilin: 
Last strip ( [submitted link]

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