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2020/11/05 19:29, Thurge: 
There does seem to be some debate over the exact name of these guys, but the ones I've got came from a reputable spawn vendor and I grew them so I know what they are and will most definitely eat them. =)

They've been gaining a following here in the States, though they're still pretty hard to find, and there's only a couple of recipes I've found. They don't grow wild here at all, unless there are some spots where they've 'escaped'.

I guess I'll just have to experiment! =D

2020/11/05 22:51, Andróg:   
Everybody get ready for Thurge's Mushroom Cookbook, it'll be on the shelves in 2021!

2020/11/06 02:52, Eldaril: 
My (Belarusian) wife and I are all out of ideas. My mother in law makes a beef barley soup that works with all sorts of mushrooms.

2020/11/06 05:36, Roadkill: 

[submitted link]

2020/11/06 07:42, Savu:   
Does your vendor also have plump helmet spawwns?

2020/11/06 12:11, Andróg:   
Mushroom helmets will be the new hot fashion in 2027.

2020/11/06 16:57, Eldaril: 
@Roadkill: The only word I understood there was LÖK. By the way, ROSTAD LÖK is tasty... thanks IKEA :D

2020/11/06 17:34, Roadkill: 
It's in Norwegian. I can translate if needed.

2020/11/06 18:29, Roadkill: 
Smartwatch ad from back home.

The word 'úr' has a double meaning. It can mean 'wristwatch', or refer to removing an item of clothing. So 'allir úr' means everybody get naked. Shown uncensored, of course, all day long on tv.

[submitted link]

2020/11/10 20:12, Andróg:   
Is it just me or that link is dead?

2020/11/11 10:23, Singleton: 
Works for me ... perhaps your boss does not want you to have fun?

2020/11/11 15:24, Andróg:   
Strange, it works now.

And no, I don't have any such bosses. I pretty much work from home anyway (and most of the time get paid to do whatever I choose to do within the general frame of the institution).

2020/11/11 17:06, Savu:   
One might say you are institutionalised.

2020/11/12 18:25, Andróg:   
If working as a researcher for a university qualifies as 'institutionalised', then yes. :)

2020/11/13 07:38, Savu:   
That's agreed then

2020/11/14 19:16, Andróg:   
The inner core of Andróg has been kept pure of all such distortions though.

It is still as spammy as it gets!

2020/11/17 18:19, Thurge: 
Eldaril, you got a recipe for that soup? =D

With the last guys I did a butternut squash and mushroom soup with cream and roasted romanesco cauliflower. It was tasty.

2020/11/18 23:07, Andróg:   
Soup this is not.

2020/11/19 08:32, Boofhead: 
Is ER broken? Each post has


written on it.

Maybe my browser is broken.

2020/11/19 09:59, Axel: 
you broke it!

2020/11/19 12:35, Thurge: 
Don't do that!

2020/11/19 16:44, Andróg:   
Everything looks fine to me. What did I miss? Did Boofhead screw up ER?

2020/11/19 17:19, Thurge: 
Apparently. Axel said so!

2020/11/20 13:19, Andróg:   
Boofhead and his almighty ER-breaking powers. Behold the Beardmaster of Spam.

2020/11/22 01:48, Boofhead: 
I did nothing.

2020/11/22 02:07, Boofhead: 
I downloaded powtty and logged into mume!

Last login on any account was 12 years ago :)

2020/11/22 20:07, Axel: 
Did you also break MUME?

2020/11/22 22:54, Andróg:   
We're lucky if the backup survived. Boofhead's beard is just that destructive.

2020/11/23 00:14, Thurge: 
Today ER, tomorrow The Internet!

2020/11/24 00:36, Andróg:   
But how will Trump then survive without Twitter?

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