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2019/05/25 06:37, Savu:   

[submitted link]

2019/05/26 15:48, Doderic: 
Funny how after unretiring my warrior after more than 7 years, I still hit the bash-key at exactly the right moment without thinking :)

2019/05/26 21:34, Andróg:   
One cannot teach an old Doderic new tricks!

2019/05/27 04:59, Savu:   
Yea, but for me the flip-side was that if I had command line open for any machine I tended to type 'sc', 'info', 'wh' and so on after login without thinking.

2019/05/27 21:38, Andróg:   
Hehehehe. I think I did 'sc' myself too a couple of times on random command lines back in the day. :D

It's been way too many years since I was active by now though, so I've lost all those whole finger-habits by now.

2019/05/29 05:34, Thurge: 
Yeah, I still go through those plus 'time' when I'm thinking what to type next too. I've even written them into word documents a few times. =/

2019/05/31 15:22, Andróg:   
So that's how you spend your time in Africa...

2019/06/01 04:15, Thurge: 
I think the ping speed from here would actually be better than from Oz, on those rare occasions the internet works. =P

2019/06/02 16:12, Andróg:   
So, it's like... only a four-digit-number?

2019/06/04 11:30, Thurge: 
Yeah, basically. Or sometimes five, but probably never six.

2019/06/04 20:13, Bardock: 
RIP this thread the spam has died.

2019/06/05 05:25, Thurge: 
I heard somebody say, 'I'm on this like salt on spam!' the other day. That struck me as odd.

2019/06/06 19:45, Andróg:   
Sugar Spam Daddy!

2019/06/07 07:16, Thurge: 
I mean, sure, I guess it could be kind of the same.

2019/06/07 12:15, Andróg:   
It shall be the same.

2019/06/08 04:24, Thurge: 
The sugar daddy and salt equivalence statement!

2019/06/08 04:25, Thurge: 
Waffle weekends are the best.

2019/06/08 22:37, Boofhead: 
All weekends without work are the best.

2019/06/09 04:44, Thurge: 
Depends on the work, really. Moreso than the weekend, at any rate.

2019/06/09 10:20, Andróg:   
I typically work on the weekends. The good thing is that during the weekends no one is trying to overkill my mailbox with huge amounts of mail, so I can concentrate in peace. When Mondays come about though... all hell breaks loose in the mailbox!

2019/06/16 23:59, Andróg:   
This lack of spam is most disturbing!

2019/06/17 05:22, Bardock: 

2019/06/17 07:09, Singleton: 
I always told you so: This thread will NEVER reach 40000 posts...

2019/06/18 23:37, Andróg:   
Of course it will. By Christmas... 2020. :)

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