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2018/10/14 18:32, Bardock: 
ya know, not really coming from Estonia, if it was a Chinese system I would be more worried (which I am) with their new social credit system and complete censorship of internet and media. For the most part Estonia seems pretty rad and pretty friendly place for crypto and tech. Just thought I would bring it up and see your thoughts on it. I can see the great benefits of all it but I can also see were old George Orwell was warning about. We just have to hope history does not repeat itself and governments stay reliable and not do another 'WW2 Germany' type deal.

2018/10/28 23:00, Andróg:   
The lack of spam here is most disturbing!

2018/10/29 13:53, Theraven: 
Woooee, thee! Thou won't never maketh it to fortythousand !!!

2018/10/30 11:21, Andróg:   
Oh great. Another old fart has crawled out of the woodwork... what's next. The second coming of Guido?

2018/11/01 04:15, Bardock: 
a broken heart hinders thy spam.

2018/11/01 15:16, Andróg:   
My heart is made of the unbreakable everlasting Spamficity!

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