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2018/11/16  Fieldy:
Yeah, we like to score easy money from lazy countries.
2018/11/15  Marillion:
Just know that if you need a cheap carpenter or cheap washing personel, you find estonians or russians.
2018/11/15  Singleton:
*ROTFL* .. that escalated quickly ... longheld grudges surfacing??
2018/11/14  Sudo:
Whats up with 3rd world?
2018/11/14  Toigan:
Norway and Estonia - 2 of the most sophisticated countries in the world when it comes to IT and technology being called 3rd world countries shows exactly why you're literally retarded. I rest my case.
2018/11/14  Mojo:
hehe marillion and toigan are 2 peas in a pod - both 2 bit eurotrash thug wannabes. It's amazing the way the internet allows these pathetic rats to reach out from their 3rd world countries to communicate with the free world. It really shows how far technology has grown far and wide to grant access even to the very bottom of society
2018/11/14  Toigan:
because Snakr too busy to play this game
2018/11/14  Bardock:
man mumes current state so sad.
2018/11/13  Toigan:
It's pUber - he whines about everything. I'm 100% sure he didn't even deserve that eq, knowing what a shitwimp he is.

Last I played, he got ass kicked by a hobbit scout as level 50 troll. Then sat at Grinder and cried cheeetz.

Some retards never cease to amuse.
2018/11/10  Marillion:
Lol you whine about equipment after sundying or what?!
2018/11/10  Mojo:
Hrmm.. full loot after sundeath, good to know the quality of people that's left behind. Peace.
2018/11/08  Susu:
thank you, sir
2018/11/08  Smulk:
@Estan, was not a full gac, drooped what I could until rangers came, then dropped more on tbad ford, only took ruby ring/gleaming, as my fellow friend was naked. Please get your facts straight before posting on ER. I only take when something is needed.
2018/11/08  Estan:
On the 8th Halimath in 2896 of the Third Age, you were killed on the Trail through the Forest by Smúlk the Orc (while feeling less in control of yourself than usual).

Understandable if you guys didn't see I was linkless given earlier actions, but the full GAC of a level 15 Hobbit was a bit much. You continue to earn your reputation many times over, pSmulk.
2018/11/08  Sudo:
Not complaining, but I just cant pk without staff. So dont blame me for not fighting...
2018/11/07  Moonglum:
I heard mudlet is nice for mac.
2018/11/07  Singleton:
@susu: well..powwow and mmapper works for me on my mb.
2018/11/07  Gaar:
There have been some fun in BBT? feed me with logs you warlord-trolls!
2018/11/07  Susu:
anybody knows how or clients for mac user? im planning 'going back' or is it bad idea? :p
2018/11/06  Bardock:
cant force myself to play anymore, think I am finally gone friends. :) enjoy.
2018/11/06  Sudo:
There are some darkies wanting to fight. But we lack free free people to fight back.
2018/11/06  Bardock:
so how is mume? it seems very empty lately. is this suspicion confirmed? I haven't logged in but by the looks of warlord list not moving in more then a month on puke side much.
2018/11/05  Kabysh:
This lorien chick has good ring, but no rent😂
2018/11/05  Macunaíma:
I only remember going insta max evil.
2018/11/05  Fieldy:
Oh come on :D Don't leave us hanging : (
2018/11/05  Squeegee:
I will not comment in the hopes that Elrond will RIP once again. Good luck and I'll gladly help :P
2018/11/04  Kabysh:
i dont remember, but it wasnt anything spetacular... as far I rember.
2018/11/04  Fieldy:
Yeah, it has, but I have never seen the stats of that ring.
2018/11/04  Marion:
Cool could you tell more hos you did it.. any logs? I could Only see a picture and some text
2018/11/04  Kabysh:
elrond killed before years back
2018/11/04  Fieldy:
ID the ring!
2018/11/04  Sudo:
Thanks, if you guys saw that my link dropped and spared me!
2018/11/04  Squeegee:
| 1, 0%, Elrond |

You put Vilya, the Elven Ring of Air on your left finger.

Nothing more fun than pEstan and pDurrin MUME quests.
2018/11/03  Fieldy:
lol, what the hell is that :D
How did it go?
2018/11/03  Estan:
While game was down, I was reminiscing on some old adventures. Here's our original mission statement from when we killed Elrond last year:
2018/11/03  Waba:
It's up. Hopefully they're done with the maintenance.
2018/11/03  Fieldy:
The news said that the game will be up and running hopefully on Sunday. So lets see.
2018/11/03  Cohen:
Yes, there was news post from Manwe, that there will be some place reconstruction/maintanance on 3th Nov, so hw will be down.
2018/11/03  Jeraziah: down?
2018/11/03  Baratheon:
Read the top 5 logposters / top 100 logs if you're bored and wanting a mume fix. Especially if you're wanting to get better at pk
2018/11/03  Rato:
So, which mud should we play while game is offline? Rogon's mud still up?
2018/11/02  Mod:
Out bashed by Variant! Was fun though!
2018/11/01  Malek:
Nice stab zorc. Was afk for just a minute....damned trick or treaters!
2018/10/30  Fieldy:
I thought he retired
2018/10/28  Toigan:
I thought u rented
2018/10/27  Zambin:
The Dwarf that got away, how much hp after stab, any idea how much dam I did :P?
2018/10/27  Jahara:
MMapper 2.6.2 out:
2018/10/24  Nukafuka:
@Zambin: non-dwarf scouts are waste of space! We enjoy the same problems as the other scouts, just with bonus to style!

While on the topic, give us an axe that we can backstab with!
2018/10/23  Zambin:
Level 56 scout with 105% in sneak and backstab.
Just failed backstab on a sleeping brown bear.
Needless to say I instantly rented and wont be voting on this crap anytime soon:P
2018/10/23  Fieldy:
Ahhaa! Thanks!
2018/10/23  Rashnak:
Looks like TMC changed the voting system, but it's still there. First open the mud page, and then click 'vote for mud' link in the left.
2018/10/23  Fieldy:
TMC doesn't cover a MUD list and voting anymore?
2018/10/21  Zant:
You mean to flee from an awful target and start spamming hit in hope he flees same dir? I giggled coz I thought you are exhausted. Truth is one of us should have guarded Fornost gate, but not me as I was leading group.
2018/10/21  Kili:
! [1.sorcerer]+ CW HP:Awful Mana:Icy Move:Weak>

shame for you, mr *Zant the Zaugurz Orc* decided to giggle instead of sitting next room and spamhit:)
2018/10/21  Minde:
Trudor, I found your staff!
2018/10/18  Sarko:
Lol Blinky, 2 giants and you sanc yourself :D GG and bye!
2018/10/17  Spatzle:
Blinky, why so rude? :)
2018/10/17  Ohrvûk:
<3 Glasya
2018/10/17  Baybee:
Not even that probably! I tried to message you to see how long you were going to be on so I could switch from BN, but instant sleeping, and then immediately linkdead after! But play, play :) for more than 15 seconds plz.
2018/10/17  Tramd:
Sorry I had to run, wanted to play longer but 4G LTE lag was going to kill me haha.
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