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2019/03/24  Shaukr:
I got xp and then bloodlacked, making me the winner. 10/10 would charge 4 bears again.
2019/03/24  Gagni:
Yeah, wrong name. Meant to respond to Irileyh. I also still can't figure out how to change chars for posting here. I don't get a name field at all. As for logs, I don't think any of us logged. Mine would have been short, anyway ... xp-ing, orcs enter, I get in one bash, I die. All the fun seemed to happen after that.
2019/03/24  Toigan:
MUME will be shut down at 5am local time (4am UTC) on saturday and hopefully
be back online on sunday...

2019/03/24  Niihdae:
No it wasn't me, I'm an elf. I just heard the bears say they couldn't figure out where Irileyh died.

So where is the bear log?
2019/03/23  Gagni:
Niihdae, we never did find where you died. We looked for your corpse all over because I wanted my focus back, but no luck.
2019/03/23  Niihdae:
I don't think bears figured out where it was.
2019/03/23  Irileyh:
Hey bears, did you loot my entire corpse? because there's no corpse anywhere...
2019/03/23  Mahatma:
cast t 'crash' mume
2019/03/23  Fieldy:
Gig, crashing feature :D
2019/03/23  Tekel:
Crashing fixed yet?
2019/03/23  Norik:
anyone else struggling to adapt to MUME's new Crash feature?
2019/03/23  Kelsier:
What sweet, cyclical hell is this?

Go back to sleep, Shaukr. :)
2019/03/23  Shaukr:
Seems like the game is just constantly rebooting, which has saved one smelly elf from its fate...
2019/03/23  Tekel:
anyone else's link really bad /randomly and frequently loosing link?
2019/03/21  IminyŽ:
2019/03/21  Niihdae:
Seems so. Can't connect from waba.test either.
2019/03/21  IminyŽ:
2019/03/21  Kheith:
I went into the first room with 3. I didn't mean to come inside, but Svarten convinced me. :) Also, we didn't see his tracks anywhere. Maybe weather removed or I'm just blind.
2019/03/21  Ragface:
Wasn't a trap, just went there to wait for night. Svartens tracks were all over. I was sure you wouldnt come with 2, but then you came with 3, yet only you entered :P
2019/03/21  Kheith:
Hah, well done. From my side: embarrassing death = retire. That could not possibly have been a more obvious trap but I thought Svarten must be rented by now. I figured there was probably a troll but not such a dangerous one.
2019/03/21  Ragface:
Kheith...but you retired? :P
2019/03/20  Auron:
Ah yes it doesn't give you the name option unless youre already logged in. Thanks
2019/03/19  Enforcer:
Cause warsword is not all that ;)
2019/03/19  Josie:
@Auron. Log in with your normal name, then when you post, you can then type the name you want to use above the box you want to type your message.
2019/03/19  Auron:
How do you post on here without always using you ER login name?
2019/03/19  Kheith:
But.... you retired?
2019/03/19  Enforcer:
Doesnt matter, I got a warsword now!
2019/03/19  Kheith:
Sorry Wind, we left less than usual because we figured you had no way to loot inside there. I didn't realize your side had enough fire power to do front again with us there.
2019/03/18  Auron:
Likely wouldn't have mattered. I already blocked carpet.
2019/03/17  Enforcer:
Bleh, Throgg and Khane, fucked up with open exit,k dwarf and then north :/
2019/03/17  Katar:
I was bitchin bout how stupid i was with enterin there, as i said allready twice if i'd knew that some is online i wouldnt entered there/period. And bout exits, back was blocked and they blocked allso crack and front exit was allso blocked so suck it!! i rarelly whine /atlast last couple of years/ But its enough, some else who wants to say about that smth please do but i do not respond.
2019/03/17  Uge:
Why do some many people whine about dying now? Itís part of the game, suck it up and move on. Brolg is a high pk area, donít complain about a level 13 bn getting the better of you. You have 2 exits and a key thatís easy to get. I have fought p Smulk tons, and I have never heard him complain about fair fights, I only get threats of pain and death, but thatís never gonna happen :)
2019/03/17  Katar:
Hell, i know my english isnt the best but still i think i said before, if i'd knew that Smulk in eny form was online then i never entered some closable where ppl can port in. Simple as that :) level 13 or not i knew theres a low bn inside, who might block me in but still well see what is the outcome and mobs were alive! GG
2019/03/17  Tekel:
katar...come on guy...dont talk about fair were trying to finish me off, a level 13 bn that you got to awful. you thought it was a good idea to enter brolg and found out it was a bad idea. I dont call that overkill... i call it bad decision making.
2019/03/17  Katar:
yes we traped solo puke in Brolg with all mobs alive how fuckin fun is that :D - no i pointed out Glacya with his/her different chars - as he/she allways claims that fights fair. But all and all that just a game, have fun !
2019/03/17  Sarkazein:
I was awake until 4am, logged at 8am outside dt, put spells up, and someone said enter portal so I did at cold mana. I didn't even hit you once, so I was useless in that. If you were referring to me at least.
2019/03/17  Katar:
ohh hell, if i only knew that mister fairfight is online, i would never entered brolg, enoy my shit and have fun yerkin off! cool overkill btw
2019/03/17  Tekel:
Really? Same player?
2019/03/16  Enforcer:
Hmm, Gilhdur/Narugil/Arvedui/Fact all same guy? Good fights, althought pukes need a nerf sometimes :)
2019/03/16  VerrŁckt:
How about you spare us the toddler-talking and grow the hell up, Done? Man, it's so hard to understand you crying out the window of that little yellow bus.
2019/03/16  Done:
HAHA, he mobripped? Great. That's pretty awesome. Hope Narugil share the same fate and i do hope he tries to transfer the staff back from Narugil to Gilhdur. That would be a great success.
2019/03/15  Thralk:
@Gildhur that was soooo lucky! I was toast if I didn't kill you in that bash, and I just happened to do it :p Sorry you mobbed :/
2019/03/15  Done:
Enjoy the eq Gilhdur/Narugil. You are an utter cunt. Seriously. Go on, whine. I whine. And i'm going to make sure you get what the fuck you deserve you piece of shit. 'I'm going to retire, buhuu, i log another puke and gac you again level 12 bn.'. Bad friday? Did your mom beat you again?
2019/03/15  Gilhdur:
Great job Thralk. This game it just too stupid sometimes. Have fun and i hope you will get some goodies for my staff also if you bother to check guardian!
2019/03/15  Done:
n the 24th Foreyule in 2917 of the Third Age, you were killed on the Trail through a Forest by a dreadful mother eagle (while feeling less in control of yourself than usual), and thus fell to level twelve.

Thanks Gilhdur. The connection between to my neighbor which i share internet went down. Guess you spamlooted too. Enjoy the eq.
2019/03/14  IminyŽ:
who are Fargal Guksfut Aruak Mitras if not zaugurz cross-racers?
2019/03/14  Glaurog:
Nice work with bash dis and bash/esc, Uge! All yours
2019/03/14  Arcanum:
@Estan. grats! GJ! *smile*
2019/03/14  Nero:
It's always been like that. Whities usually don't realize how much more powerful their chars are.
2019/03/14  Toigan:
Fucking disgusted reading Bafo's last log.

BN and torc vs full shining full hp dwarves in wnoc - first reaction = ROCK IT and spam flee. What a bunch of fucking retards, no wonder the pk is dead with all the decent players gone and these eq-hugging fuckwits only playing.
2019/03/13  Niihdae:
Ah, I suspected it was someone far too good for me. You seemed close to dying often but somehow it never happened.
2019/03/13  Wind:
Used a rock to get in there Niihdae :P
2019/03/13  Fieldy:
2019/03/13  Niihdae:
May I know the name of the 2 that ended my career?
2019/03/11  Ton:
i log without problems from South america...
2019/03/11  IminyŽ:
2019/03/11  Morzhel:
Odd i cant get to
2019/03/11  IminyŽ:
Not totally down. Could log and rent from waba's page twice.
2019/03/11  Morzhel:
mume is down, yeah?
2019/03/11  Josie:
Estan, she is beautiful! Congrats:
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