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2019/06/24  Kabysh:
it's a road to wps and fame, you should take it!
2019/06/24  Gagni:
What is up with all the pennies lying around?
2019/06/24  Beoern:
Rogon is bat shit down in a psychosis these days. Must be the Swedish after night sun.
2019/06/23  Khelak:
How cute <3
2019/06/23  Rogon:
Zant you should play more Beorning. So you could be a real carebear!
2019/06/23  Fionwë:
2019/06/23  Zant:
@Fionwë Sorry. There were some ppl who needed that metal. I can help you some with reeq later on puke.
2019/06/23  Fionwë:
Zant, I was linkless. Didn't get flag though. From mmapper I see I died where my link got cut off. You just hacked me to death while me standing there? I think the gac was abit horrid after a death like that, but it comes and goes.
2019/06/22  Covonon:
Only 6 needed to kill me. Haha. Poor lil pukies.
2019/06/21  Gene:
ohhh you nasty mischievous slept me there and almost gave me a heart attack.
2019/06/16  Jeraziah:
For Gilhdur - noomivalt.

from 1:18
2019/06/15  Gilhdur:
Padan it was rocking! havent been on cleric for a while and i messed up a lot. must check backscroll wbout quaking my eagles. i was so sure they were not in room. Log if you can because must say you won! comf on mob-death. i got what i seek from this game once again!
2019/06/15  Padan:
Brave and good fight Gilhdur! I mobbed afterwards though so time to retire. Enjoy the eq!
2019/06/15  Drazan:
! [*elf*]O CW>give staff sage
# {repl} now aliases {tell The sage}.
The sage thanks you heartily.
The sage says 'Bnonk yia ser loplaemomp tvun eltivoct es daednehs.' in Orkish.
The sage tells you 'As a reward, take this hide.'
The sage gives you a smelly piece of worm hide.
The sage says 'Zah O vvelr lod Middri-earbf if phim itas!' in Orkish.
The sage utters the words, 'dispel good

Thank you Ena!
2019/06/13  Kungfury:
Really good effort there, was closer then you would think. Very good usage of poison, I had no mana at all in the end and no armour with eagle being moveless aswell!
2019/06/13  Earlran:
Good job Kungfury! Eagles are OP :)
2019/06/11  Smulk:
nd fight was a 2 on 2, with eagle and giants all over the place fighting each other it seemed. @Kungfury: I ended exhausted and awful. Not even sure how I survived it after the bear broke your bash to let you out. A rush nonetheless :P
2019/06/10  Kungfury:
I reread the log and it wasnt a pretty sight to say the least. The log held little entertainment value exept for myself surviving while being least amounts of useful. I was so sure you were 3 in there the second run. Which kinda shows how mentally impaired I was at the time. I'll post when I have something better to show for!
2019/06/10  Curve:
@Aganir its all good, walking around with a set like that and fighting 5v1 honestly I got exactly what was coming to me...
2019/06/10  Khelak:
Aganir: I feel the same way as you about player conduct. There’s not nearly enough gacing going on. And all this leaving good eq on the ground? Lame.

Kungfury post! I’d like to see the second fight. Although I’m pretty certain it was 2v2 (Not counting the bear). Unless I missed something
2019/06/10  Earlran:
Post the log guys! Don't let the flamers/whiners keep you from posting things to Notables either! I know there are good fights happening, turn on them loggers and let me read em :)
2019/06/10  Smulk:
Yea, that was not intentional on the first block leaving us out there. I ended up exhausted and awful at the end there, and Bellepheron came and bashed it open or the ending would be different. Was a major rush, thanks for the fight.
2019/06/10  Kungfury:
When I sober up I will post a log about that hunter fight. Me and Ena had like zero communication, I was in disbelief that he blocked 2v3 when I was still wounded and low mana. I was in even bigger disbelief when you rocked out 3v1, sure one awful other bad, but I still would like to think you had a chance to sort it out! Nice rush!
2019/06/10  Aganir:
I dislike the way a large majority of this player base conducts themselves.

Sorry Arassuil. I dropped, but they took and gacced. I'm off.
2019/06/09  Earlran:
@Tourist wow you almost got me there! Good job!! I got lucky.
2019/06/09  Slit:
Lol oops. I was super proud of the fact that I was bringing the spiders 2w so youd be fucked and now I feel like a cheap bastard. Ergh.
2019/06/09  Ena:
Lucky you got your gear back. Stop using my name!
2019/06/09  Ena:
I figured you were sorting, so I tried a stab.. it landed, you fled w, I hit, you fled w, I asked if you were LD and the spiders came.. I'm so sorry dude. It was either I get the xp or the spider horde.
2019/06/09  Ena:
Just when I re-eq I die linkless again. I hate dell computers
2019/06/08  Morzhel:
I hope you got a bunch, was dropping more at corpse but may of been after shog looted. I was dropping link like all the time. Sorry for the crap way to die, and super easy way to eq me :)
2019/06/07  Padan:
I have never seen GG move that fast. That fricken sucked. Thanks for not fully gaccing.
2019/06/05  Staffhunter:
Ena your staff is in shelf
2019/06/04  Earlran:
Hoho good quake trap! I deserved to rip there. 4hp ;p
2019/06/04  Ena:
Dammit Shog! How low were you! I just needed 5 more mana but u came to soon!
2019/06/03  Bardock:
dude my pathetic comments on this site are not going to hurt or help the game. Relax. <3
2019/06/03  One:
If you are determined to quit mume then you should stop checking this website. It’s like an alcoholic trying to quit drinking, but still going the the bar everyday to hang out with his old drinking buddies.
2019/06/03  Täpp:
Do you think it helps or hurts MUME if you keep saying negative things about its playerbase, Bardock?
2019/06/02  Bardock:
pro tip, scrambling your password is not effective way of quiting mume :D One time I tried to quit by getting my entire account nuked on two separate occasions and I still crawl back to this miserable game from time to time :)
2019/06/02  Ekre:
Yeah, saw from backlog. I don't blame you two. Just pissed that it tends to happen way too often : P
2019/06/02  Padan:
Sorry Ekre, we were going to tharbad, I heard a quake, entered, stabbed sleeping you to awful, died 1 pierce later. Sigh.
2019/06/02  Ekre:
Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck. Every fucking time I have to go afk, I get killed. Fucking fuck. Fuck.
2019/06/02  Carl:
hoi hoi
2019/06/01  Erhk:
Hi trolls
2019/06/01  Caureondil:
Something that lasts from 2002 to 2019. When xp groups collide it is hilarious and fun.
2019/06/01  Shaukr:
Not all pukes should have gotten out of Moria alive, bah! You can't xp forever Caureondil, I'll get you.
2019/05/29  Slit:
One of these days I will realize I am still not even legend yet and stop doing stupid things! Sigh.
2019/05/28  Iminyë:
yes and yes
2019/05/28  Arvedui:
iminye, log on and check your mume mail
2019/05/27  Gagni:
Grinder shadow was something he had not previously contemplated, I bet.
2019/05/27  Shaukr:
Eyot in the Isen
The corpse of Haldin the Marshal is lying here.

This is for all the mobdeaths, ya scum.
2019/05/26  Bardock:
<3 thanks Zint :)
2019/05/26  Zintilden:
Obviously I meant that to the incog wussies baiting people so they can whine to Axel about account banning. Grow a pair.
2019/05/25  Koala:
Ena, your staff is rdell bookshelf
2019/05/25  Padan:
Good fights Ena.. there's a lot of shit happening around noc ford today, seems like a fun place to be!
2019/05/25  Zaram:
I remember my drunk comments, if I recall those actually made people laugh, but the drugs behind this crap are some next level shit...
Not gonna beg, but do us a favour and quit for good? You’ve talked about it for as long as I remember you playing. Whats the reason for coming back if your despise for the game and the community is inevitable each turn?
2019/05/25  Zintilden:
Shut the fuck up already
2019/05/25  Bardock:
0 plox stop the burns they are so good and well crafted. Shall I ever recover.
2019/05/25  Eolome:
sounds accurate for your intelligence
2019/05/25  Bardock:
herpy derpy doo doo friend
2019/05/24  Eolome:
You cheat Bardock. But you're a bad cheater. You are also crazy. Probably as crazy as Snakr. That makes you a shit-Snakr.
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