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2020/11/25  Ignacio:
Well, considering the streamer can easily communicate with players on their own side, not really? I mean in I guess there are edge cases but...
2020/11/25  Aglunk:
Um, and there somehow isn't an equal risk to the opposite side players the streamers are fighting? :P
2020/11/25  Ignacio:
Seems like main cross-race risk for streaming would be to themselves and groupmates, and a player should be allowed to take that risk. Other than that, just narrates and who list. And we used to at least who how many pukes were logged on the MUME website, so the old-school argument doesn't work there. Maybe add a 'streaming' flag a player can toggle that shows up on who list next to their name like (idle) does. Most paranoid/'serious' players avoid narrating PK relevant info anyways.
2020/11/25  Slampen:
The one that bear the greatest risk when streaming is the streamer.
'Let us group up and find a streamer to loot.'

I would add a delay on the stream. seems like the maximum delay is 15 minutes. Which would break the cross-rase rule, though.

You could always record your session and upload it to Youtube afterwards.
2020/11/25  Draz:
Learning complex games via Twitch is definitely the standard these days, MtG Arena, LoL, CSgo, both Starcrafts, etc.. Among Us is a very good example of how a game that has a lot of required knowledge breaks out via viewers getting familiar before they start (game existed for years before Twitch launched it). It's just how you market it. It's also nice they aren't scared of desktops / keyboards / speed typing.

MtG Arena had big bounties for Twitch streams to essentially teach the viewers their game.

High stakes poker is able to stream with a delay (5 mins or something).
2020/11/25  Kirang:
Why isn't streaming allowed? *Stream-sniping* cross-race is clearly illegal, but streaming? It shouldn't be my fault if someone else cheats, just as it's not my fault if I make a revealing narrate that (unknown to me) somebody on my side PMs cross-race.
2020/11/25  Zintilden:
We want new players (as someone said somewhere else just so we can kill them lmao!!!!!), but we don't want to do anything that attracts this new generation? It is a bit funny that we sit here and wonder why we do not have more players/activity. This is what the younger generation does, whether we like it or not; they are all about subscribers and getting those perks for having subs. It is just like some of the character separation rules we have, where most other muds or games don't. It is hard to get new people(a younger generation) into MUME when there are many strict rules that they are allowed to do on other games. What we miss out on for this, is those subscribers watching those videos and wanting to get in too and check MUME out because their pal is streaming it. Especially the streamer's immediate group, that is usually rolling with him/her on games because they are a competitive group etc. So we miss out on those pals too, that he/she would bring to MUME.

I think it is a huge (almost too huge) change for management to handle or 'let go' of, with their own good reason. This same thing happened concerning mmapper too, and half of that argument still is something we all just pretend isn't being used, because no one on either side likes the answer lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm too forward to give any fucks, so there it is pals. 8)
2020/11/25  Dearth:
It's hard politically for anyone progressive like Jahara to convince old school V+ to allow it. Force threatened me with a ban for example when I streamed on twitch
2020/11/24  Carl:
It's time to make a way for people to stream on twitch. West of Brandywine bridge with narrates off? Or a dedicated mume twitch account.
2020/11/24  Draz:
He even has a good tutorial, we should definitely link it up:
2020/11/24  Aglunk:
Oh damn! That's awesome!!!
2020/11/24  Knack:
Found this guy! Maybe we should link this on the page !
2020/11/24  Draz:
Awesome, I will take you up on that if I do :)
2020/11/23  Elestir:
@Draz If you want to try it, I can show you around. Just pm me on MUME Discord or something.
2020/11/23  Axel:
Yea, no matter what we are told. We are all different. Anyone of us. Without Elestir your life your be boring. He is at one end of the scale. Wonder why? Apparently you are on the other! Initially I wanted to write more .. I won't ;) *point RL*
2020/11/23  Facelift:
If you like the game then surely. With new pvp systems in place, you don't really need shit to be competitive right from the start. Player skill > gear/skill training levels (its literally softcapped for most mid-level pvp/pve places). It's also very easy to progress -shrug-
2020/11/23  Draz:
Is Albion worth starting fresh now?
2020/11/23  Marillion:
Lol I don't hate. I actually understand and accept that Elestir plays it more carefully. I understand all the points, and they aren't wrong. I'd love it if they removed both charm and sleep, for pk-purposes. During my time back again, I don't think we met too much anyways, suspect he's more busy on Albion. I tried to state that the things i used to hate with Elestir, is nothing to compared to todays xpers anyways. The pk activity is very up and down. The pk can be fun in periods for sure. So i'll be back and look later. Playing wow retail can never match the pkadrenaline in mume fyi.
2020/11/23  Facelift:
Elestir PKs in Albion, I've seen it. Don't hate.
2020/11/23  Elestir:
@Marillion Depends on the definition of brave. I have nothing against taking reasonable risk. Sometimes I took unreasonable risk (you would probably call that brave, while other would call it outright suicidal or at least foolish), and was often punished for it by getting overkilled, portal trapped, or barely surviving because of pure luck, etc.. And when you usually play with fullsets, you try to minimize experience like that. If you want more bravery from most players, you need to make game that rewards bravery, not game full of lame wizkill opportunities vs any1 who takes risk (example is sleep spell, that for me kills almost all 1v1 pvp content, or even block/portal mechanics that always favours the blocker). But I guess it also depends on what you see as rewarding. If losing a set is good price for you to get an interesting fight, then by all means, take big risks.
2020/11/23  Marillion:
Wow retail? Hmm yeah I dunno. Might as well xp mume, with 2 rocks. Sounds as exciting
2020/11/23  Facelift:
but Shadowlands?
2020/11/22  Moro:
You identify an ashen blade. It is a magic, enchanted, and antigood metal slashing weapon. It is wielded one-handed. Offensive bonus 10, parry bonus 5, damage 8.7, and delay 100%. It increases attack spell by five and decreases saving spell by ten. It weighs three pounds and fifteen ounces, and it isworth about 40 gold. Its keywords are blade, narrow, ashen, sword, and sweapon.
2020/11/22  Fieldy:
Oh no!
2020/11/22  Cronus:
2020/11/22  Marillion:
I remember I used to hate how wimpy Elestir played. I think it's still annoying, but unlike the rest of the wimps he isn't pretending to be brave. If you look at players like reich who won't fight 2 bns unsanced and without bashing exits, he's not even wimpy. Lvl 90 chars without any power because of the player behind it. That's mume 2020. Anyways i'm off. Have fun xping :)
2020/11/20  Zakuzka:
that and all the other shit, mistyped your name like three times :P
2020/11/20  Marillion:
Old armour? that fight didn't last long
2020/11/20  Zakuzka:
fk, shoulda thought better bout that
etc set my freakin target :P happens with tonns of beer!
2020/11/20  Axel:
Yea thanks! I got into contact ;)
2020/11/20  Jahara:
@Axel I MUME mailed you Porien's contact info
2020/11/20  Axel:
Anyone got a recent contact address for Azazello or Moonshade/Utu ?
2020/11/20  Phoebe:
Imatin - sent you a mume mail. Would love to talk to you about the issue :)
2020/11/20  Aglunk:
Right? About as long as his last one :P
2020/11/20  Slampen:
@Facelift, welcome back
2020/11/20  Facelift:
What? :D I said I'm gonna take a break, few weeks ago. Got lured back into game. Was a mistake. Staying away now. 'big speech' lol. I'm not writing it for you, many players who I played with (Estonians etc) would wonder where I am or what I'm playing, so I'm just letting people know?

2020/11/19  Aglunk:
I mean, this is the second big speech I've seen from you about 'taking a break,' and I've been back for what, a couple weeks now? ;)
2020/11/19  Facelift:
Well I am taking a break now, a longer one than before for sure. Considering I am tired of MUME in the first place + lots of other stuff to play now + new things IRL at early spring + complete habitat changes in summer = I may not be back for years.

Hopefully some find it comforting, that Snakr is gone, so they can play -wink Samurai-
2020/11/19  Aglunk:
Has anyone else felt like their average session is much shorter than it used to be? I'm noticing that after only an hour on, maybe two, I'm pretty routinely at the bottom of the 'who' list. Definitely not what I remember from years ago.
2020/11/19  Dreag:
Same here, can not read comments and barely logs
2020/11/19  Rik:
I get suddenly all kind of browser info making the pages very wide. Starts with mozilla50.... looks like some browser Id string.
2020/11/19  Apalonia:
Ravanor your staff is chilling in RD bookshelf.
2020/11/19  Finw:
Oh, I liked the 10+ list on xplist! Can we have it back please Axel?
Also, I think the Links page needs a bit of an update and your warlords page doesn't seem to work:
2020/11/18  Estan:
Right Axel I didn't mean that ER could/should call into the game, I meant maybe the website itself could show that information
2020/11/18  Drogtash:
Now just to add 80+? :p
2020/11/18  Axel:
yea there
2020/11/18  Drogtash:
Just two.

Could remove the level 10+ column? Or that doesn't work?

But if you check Elestir's top 17 - the average level of those are 85.3 :)
2020/11/18  Axel:
yea cause I just fixed it :) try again ppl!
2020/11/18  Praska:
dint had no error, just copy pasted in 2 parts. left out that jmc separate bar or what ever it is
2020/11/18  Luke:
same error for me
2020/11/18  Kaldae:
[variable not found]interp+87^xp anz80
i x'<80 s anz80=anz80+1,lsum80=lsum80+x,xps80=xps80+$g(^xp('L',x))
2) (F)interp+6^xp
1) (D)file+8^xp
2020/11/18  Axel:
did it work for anymore? i did not check recently
2020/11/18  Kaldae:
I cannot make the darn account paste work :-/
Just a lot of errors
2020/11/18  Axel:
Definitly not! From the outside and with legal measures you are only able to query warlords - nothing else.
2020/11/18  Estan:
I wonder if maybe could offer this direct from the player database (since the website already queries the game's data for other things, like warlords). It might be cool to have a leaderboard like 'fastest to legend' or 'highest level without dying'
2020/11/18  Carl:
I think it would be fun if ER hosted a weekly/monthly event for those who like leveling up chars. Post your leveling history and see who can make the highest.
2020/11/18  Arcanum:
With all respect, 10+ column can be deleted. I myself have some chars there waiting for deletion.
I would also prefer 80+ instead of 70+.
AND - are we going to witness exping characters to next step on expers-list now :P? Lets say, the first spot is reserved...
2020/11/18  Axel:
I added a column for 70ies. If I add more the old submissions do not work anymore, since - as promised - I did not save the account info, but just the level sums. And I stopped at 70.
2020/11/18  Facelift:
Sure, pDrogtash has 2x or maybe 3x 100s
2020/11/18  Aglunk:
Sure wish that thing had categories above 60! I'm especially curious to know if any players (looking at Elestir here) have multiple 100's...
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