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2019/01/14  Ton:
I see quite some movement on warlords from last night... do we get a new log? :D
2019/01/14  Fieldy:
People? Where are all the voters? We are 19th in TMC, but somewhere around 70th in topmudsites. Could use someone to help there :D
2019/01/13  Baratheon:
Uncas that was a hilarious death. You should be proud. I was sad to see you retired. I hope you come back soon
2019/01/13  Narsel:
@uncas it may have been short-lived, but it was LEGENDARY. Splunk on!
2019/01/13  Uncas:
And thus ends my career as a spelunker.
2019/01/12  Volzu:
Yeah, sorry about that. We were just heading to another place to check it, Khratt zblammed somewhere, you met him, he lured, we whacked. Hope you got your stuff back.
2019/01/12  Morzhel:
I forgot that's what happens when you give fights. lol

2019/01/10  Chap:
Sorry Khefin. I only wish I could have helped you like you helped me vs Tieru.
2019/01/10  Khefin:
Was me indeed - still kinda pissed that dwarf lived on awful, i shoulda stabbed him again in shady !
2019/01/09  Iluvos:
Khefin you madman! I can't believe how much LOS I got on (what I assume was) you in Tbad.
2019/01/09  Khefin:
were fun couple of days - cya in couple of month :)
2019/01/08  Volzu:
Thanks for the action! Hoped the orc would rejoin you.
2019/01/08  Nazrif:
to Volzu and powerful man - thanks for not gac. just unretired after a year and havent even finished pracs. p(apsalar)
2019/01/08  Zlack:
Shog: We didn't gac you, you checked the wrong corpse.
2019/01/03  Jahara:
MMapper 2.7.4 is out:
2018/12/31  Bunlak:
@Djaqur: I really hope that did not count as a mob-death. It was a split second decision to block fence and if mob-death was the consequence that was truly unintended and I am really sorry.
2018/12/29  Gagni:
@Shaukr No idea how I made it out of there alive. I didn't deserve to … ;-).
2018/12/28  Shaukr:
Damn Ekmun, I poked you awf-awf after harms. I was hoping that you'd be on 1hp, but I guess you're huger than I expected.
2018/12/27  Jahara:
MMapper 2.7.3 is out:
2018/12/26  Zaram:
Oops, your victim seems to have sensed a danger!
I unchristmasly say without any love - Fuck this shit :)
Thought I'd play a bit during the holidays but add to that the amount of failed sneaks and escapes, I guess I've had enough for now:P
2018/12/25  Samurai:
Merry Christmas Mumers!

<a shining breastplate>
2018/12/25  Malek:
Merry Christmas, all!
2018/12/24  Fieldy:
2018/12/24  Bardock:
merry Christmas mumers :)
2018/12/22  Ton:
Xmas challenges happening in bree! Need legend EQ? Log on and take part!
2018/12/22  Kätzchen:
Hey Krack, we left a lot more than just a foci, hope those puke scumz didnt gac your shit? Meow Meow.
2018/12/22  Lookhu:
Hey Krack, we found your foci. It'll be left in shelf.
2018/12/21  Baratheon:
had fun playing mume tonight :)
2018/12/20  Sorry:
Yes it was really bad timing for you, I logged in at bree and someone narrated darkie near bree, he is bad so I just spammed to SD.
2018/12/20  Odd:
Yeah I was already bad from rangers and fighting with dwarf.
2018/12/19  Sorry:
I was wondering why you had a couple second delay, I thought maybe you were doing something RL while watching from the tower. However one qspray ended your pain quickly.
2018/12/18  Glaurog:
Yes. Yes, indeed! Life is wierd, maybe even as cunning as a fell beast? Because it will instantly summon numerous challenges every morning you log on. You can barely dodge their critical hits at first time but they restlessly keep pursuing you no matter how many climb or swim rooms you use. High level challenges use basic tactics such as blind and drain life, followed by several stun pouches until you end up in randoms, which also changes every pop. After killing few low level challenges and bobbing up, you will return to your path, running closer to your nearest haven, to your holy grave.
2018/12/18  Thurge:
What can I say? Life is weird. =P
2018/12/18  Odd:
Nice job Sorry ... got me just as the lag kicked in. Twenty seconds later and I'm dead.
2018/12/18  Fieldy:
Thurge: that whole paragraph blows my mind. An Estonian (or working in Estonia) with two cats living in a cabin in the woods, visiting Ethiopia who works with other former mudders forgot to pay for his burrito. What the hell.
But I don't know him.
2018/12/17  Thurge:
Estonians: Does anyone work with a guy named Andrew who lives in a cabin in the woods with his two cats and is visiting Ethiopia right now? He said he works with a lot of former MUDders. He also forgot to pay for his burrito. =/
2018/12/17  Bardock:
I just think you are entirely over sensitive, just my opinion.
2018/12/14  Samurai:
Btw, I just saw this notice when I posted a comment on a log: 'offensive (sexual, racist, personal, ...) remarks will be punished'

Hah, I wish it were so.
2018/12/13  Atalante:
Darkhand--I believe you were the only person that didn't die from your group of ZOC terrorizors. Siegwhatever troll killed me after I got disconnected, gacced. Then we killed all but you, so you must got my sable w/blue scroll/vellums/emerald/garnet/topaz power rings? Cuz apparently they weren't looted by anyone on our side.
2018/12/12  Odd:
No prob
2018/12/12  Malek:
Thanks for putting my new stats to the test, Odd. I lowered my Per a bit and it almost killed me twice.
2018/12/11  Darkhand:
Zant is like the salvation army bell ringer and I just threw all my eq his bucket.
2018/12/10  Rael:
since a piece of myself is so valuable i cannot stop playing ... and will never do :-)
2018/12/10  Bardock:
I understand, I thought I have toned it down a bunch tho. That one comment really was not me, I left ER open next to a buddy who used to play mume (Herby, Snargle) :D sorry Samurai not really sure who you are but I am not a homophobe or bigot.
2018/12/09  Baratheon:
Only Thromonk has the right idea. You're all idiots (sorry if this offends)
2018/12/09  Livien:
I agree with Samurai. I played this game as a kid; but I grew up & I try not to act like one anymore. I don't think this community should tolerate slurs (but I don't agree that 'butt hurt' is one).
2018/12/09  Malek:
Thank you, Jahara!
2018/12/09  Roadkill:
I'm with Samurai.

I'm not saying I'd like other people, with obvious personal issues, to leave, but I would like MUME more if it were a less toxic verbal environment. And I do think it has harmed the game, and is still doing so.
2018/12/09  Jahara:
MMapper 2.7.2 has been released! You might have a 30ms better link!
2018/12/08  Rashnak:
In my opinion Samurai makes for good reading here, and serves as better example of reasoning and argumentation than most, even if one would disagree with the content.

About the namecalling, it would be one thing if those people actually were 'butt hurt', or 'vaginas' or gay-whatever - but they almost never are. So it's just bad language, trying to put the other person lower in one's eyes so they are easier to reach and punch.

If you were to really blame a gay for being a gay, for example, then you would have to explain what you have against gays. Or if you have problem with genitals of (usually) the opposite gender, explain what exactly your problem is. Though I guess that having such problem would make one gay anyway.

2018/12/07  Thromonk:
Only logged in here to tell you, that the battles have continued. WE have died some and we have killed some. As those pesky elves and weak men, not to mention the minor race of dwarves, are so poor, they grab every piece of gear... including the most valuable - Rael's scalp.
2018/12/07  Nero:
Saying 'butt hurt' isn't homophobia. Drop that Tumblr nonsense. And what do you mean 'more prevalent in recent years'? Mume has always had people get really upset about not getting their way and used to react much worse to it (MUME is a game utterly without mercy). Now there's just the usual suspects mostly.
2018/12/07  Almarian:
Samurai: Stay, and come play Zaug. 8)
2018/12/07  Samurai:
Jessy/Ortansia I have no idea what you're talking about but I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. But whether I was a dick to you 15 years ago is not really relevant, and by changing the subject you are just burying the issue here.

What I am talking about is homophobia (e.g. you are 'butt hurt'), sexism (e.g. you 'need a tampon' or 'are a vagina') and the other attacks on people's real-life identities that--from what I can tell--has been pervasive on MUME in recent years.

Does anyone care about this? Seriously. If the answer is no I can just walk away and leave you all to do your thing.
2018/12/07  Almarian:
TBH, Samurai was not mean, cruel, etc. At least not when I played around/with his BN or Tark, but he could RP well and did pk. I could see some people taking this as harsh behavior if one did not know him well enough. His BN was a good role model to follow imo. :p
2018/12/07  Ortansia:
@Samurai I'm talking about personal attacks like name calling and, newbies abuse, but since your profile is anonymous it is hard for me to know if it was you or not....
2018/12/07  Samurai:
Mithfalen, I don’t think I ever played with you—our play times might not have overlapped at all. I am basing everything I say here on ER posts. And I even stood up for you against Ugurz in one log that I came across when digging up your bigotry in the post below. This is not about your relationship with me.
2018/12/07  Bardock:
Why so incog Samurai? Who are you? Maybe I can get to the bottom of why there is so much pain coming from you. Wanna give me some names I may know? Sorry If I was a dick to you at anytime but I am no bigot or homophobe.

@Uge thanks :)
2018/12/07  Samurai:
I know I am in the minority here, but I don't want my point to be watered down.

The MUME playerbase includes loudmouths that spout insults based on gender, sexual orientation, nationality, race, and religion.

When I call someone out on this board for making those statements, the responses are usually: (a) nothing; (b) 'you are too sensitive'; or (c) 'yes he's a bigot but he adds to the PK scene.'

The management cannot deal with this problem. The only way the bigots will leave is if you, the players, speak up when you see bigotry and call it what it is. But I do not see that happening. I see other players condoning the behavior, or even standing up for the bigots.

I think MUME is a really cool game, and I often consider returning and encouraging my friends or even strangers to come play it with me. But every time I think about doing that, I remember that MUME is a community that at best condones bigots. That makes me too embarrassed to bring other people to MUME, and too sad to return myself.

So all I can do is wait and hope that someday the community changes.

@Jessy, I have no idea what you're talking about but I would not say the kinds of bigoted bullshit that I am complaining about here. Maybe I rekilled your lowbie or burned your corpse, or same-sided your snaga for no good reason. Those are different--they are based on how Orcs behave, not based on someone's real life identity. Orcs don't call people fags etc.
2018/12/07  Uge:
I love having pBardock to fight for pk. It’s like having 100k just waiting to be claimed!
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